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There's nothing much going on in my life right now.

Seriously, I really don't have that much to talk about. xD

ConFuzzled is coming up soon, which is going to be epic.

I now have an Amiga 1200, which I can't wait to play with, courtesy of DH. :3

And aside from playing games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft nothing much else has really been happening. xD

That's it. :$
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Holy crap, I totally haven't used this in a LONG time.

I've got some "after dark" stuff I want to talk about. It's kinda weird, but if you're interested in reading about the things I do find rather exciting then please leave a comment requesting to see or send me a direct message of the same.

I'll be creating a new group for this.
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Today I read an article on the BBC News website regarding the website Your Freedom created by the coalition Conservative and Liberal Democrat government.

The website's aim is as follows, taken from the about page.

"This website is designed to allow as many people in the UK as possible to put forward their ideas on what laws and regulations we should do away with. Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, along with the rest of the Coalition Government, invite you to collaborate on ideas for freedom and change."

The go on to mention this this dialogue will focus on three areas;
  • restoring civil liberties

  • repealing unnecessary laws

  • cutting business and third sector regulations

Most of the proposed "ideas" I have read on the site have range from ludicrously off topic, like the ones about rethinking council taxes, to the wonderful; repeal of smoking ban, repeal of digital economy bill, change to copyright law, legalisation of cannabis, etc.

What has astounded me about the BBC article is that right at the bottom there is a section that reads "Critical Comments". There Ian Clerehugh, of Sheffield says something that I find rather idiotic:

"Personally I think this is passing the buck. Do we or do we not elect our MPs to make these decisions on our behalf? Come on Nick Clegg, do the job that you are elected to do!"

Methinks, Ian, that you really need to re-examine what democracy is. Sure what we have can be considered a representative democracy, but for years the public has been crying out in fury at how the Labour government was ignoring them. There were mass protests, heated debates, and some of the worst infringements of our freedoms and liberties in as long as I can remember.
Nick Clegg and David Cameron are asking us what we want to change as opposed to telling us what is going to change. This is acting in the interests of the people.

That is democracy too and it is also progress.
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Are there any UK furs who are going to AC who wouldn't mind picking up something for me?

Y'see the thing is that I left my Nintendo DS in the US whilst at FC'09 and one of the guys I was rooming with on the last day ([ profile] neouka) kept hold of it for me. I had totally forgotten about it until now.

If no one is going or would rather not handle stuff, then it's OK; I've already offered to pay shipping. :3

Cobalt RaQ

May. 18th, 2010 07:45 am
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So I've come into ownership of a Cobalt RaQ4 and have decided to use it as an interim mail server until we ([ profile] sammythesamoyed and I) have something better.

The only problem is that after successfully installing Strongbolt last night the RaQ hangs whilst scanning ide1. This is weird because the RaQ4 (not RaQ4i or RaQ4r) only has one IDE channel socket, ide0, and as such there are no devices connected to ide1 for it to scan.

Now the RaQ has Firmware version 2.10-ext3 and has been booting fine up until last night after I installed Strongbolt. The installation bypassed the firmware upgrade stage completely because the firmware is the current version for Strongbolt 1, as such the installation of Strongbolt can't have caused this problem.

Also note that I also installed Strongbolt onto a smaller hard drive first to test and that went fine. I've since switched between both test and normal hard drives and the same thing happens. I've even left it off for a while just in case it had overheated.

So why is this crapping out? I need help. x_x
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First of all I'd like to point out that I am incredibly tired right now. I've come straight from CF to working a 12hr shift, with another three to follow this, so this post may ramble.

ConFuzzled is something I feel immensely proud of, along with RBW. It's taken me a while to figure out exactly what Convention Operations should do and a lot of behind the scenes errors have been made in the past. Even after this weekend I realise that my perception of the role isn't complete, but it's a helluva lot clearer now.

I count myself to be lucky that I've been doing the same job from the inception of both CF and RBW, but also a little disappointed in myself that it's taken so long for the pieces to start falling into place.

Despite being run off my feet (along with everyone else on staff) I'm not sure on exactly how I saw CF this year. Sure I enjoyed working and was swept up in the inner workings of the con, but now that I'm sat at work I'm finding myself rather depressed. Once I realised just how quickly the weekend had gone by I also realised that the time I had to myself was incredibly minimal.
Conversations with attendees never lasted more than five minutes, I missed the PawPets Show due to scheduling (my own fault, really), routinely had little more than four hours of sleep each night and only two meals a day (one on Saturday), had about five units of alcohol across the weekend, and in three days I only suited for three to four hours.

And this isn't just me: Every single staff member has probably experienced the same things (except for missing the PawPet show in most cases).

Now, please don't read this wrong as I'm not bitter about the con. There are many perks that accompany the hard work, from something as simple the staff goodies to knowing that we've made 350 people have a wonderful weekend and proving once again that the UK Furry Fandom is not full of failures who couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.

Working 18+ hour days for fun is a mixed bag, and it is worth it to see the smiles on the faces of the attendees, but boy does it take it's toll.

I don't think I'd be so meh if I had tonight off work and could have stayed to the Dead Dog party, but such is life.

I wonder if my current ambivalent feelings are due to having to come straight to work after CF or not, but I certainly feel that I've not done much that I wanted to do. This must change, for every staff member of CF and RBW. I'm not going to let this happen again.


CF rocked but I'm annoyed that I was working most of it, didn't get to relax, couldn't get drunk, etc. Going to see if I can rememdy this for CF and RBW.


This makes me smile. Hot damn I enjoy playing Radinov.


NAS Fixed!

May. 3rd, 2010 01:59 pm
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I got a 1TB Buffalo TeraStation NAS off of a friend. He told me at the time that it had a busted EtherNet port, but I was pretty sure that I'd at least be able to work around it.

After looking at it I realised that it was well and truly busted: the pins inside the port were bent out of shape and the housing was broken to the point where cables wouldn't stay in.

It was obvious that the only way to repair this was to replace the EtherNet port. I've got a few broken motherboards lying around which have on board ports, but those were couple with USB ports and would have been a lot of hassle to desolder.
Then it hit me, I had an old laptop lying around which was completely dead. I opened it up and bam, there was a port that wasn't soldered in but instead connected via a cable to the motherboard. :D

I removed it from the case, stripped the plug off from the mobo end, and after refreshing my knowledge of pins and pairs I set to soldering it directly to the exposed pins for the EtherNet port on the back of the NAS mobo.

(Apologies for shitty picture quality)

I plugged in a cable, powered it up, and as the "LINK/ACTV" light blinked I punched the air. I now have a working NAS, minus one of the drives which is dead. :D
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So I've come into ownership of a Pioneer CLD-1750 LaserDisc player. This bad boy plays both PAL and NTSC LDs. :D

I've also acquired 26 LDs:Small pics, but 26 of them! )

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Today I acquired the TV that will be used as the StepMania machine's screen.

This is the TV that will become the screen for the StepMania machine. It's a 30" Philips, 4:3 aspect. I got this bad boy from FreeCycle!

The XBox is there to test the screen and for size comparison.

Before I place this in the cab I'll be removing the casing and everything that isn't needed (speakers, RF modulator, etc), and considering the weight of this I'll probably have to weigh down the back of the screen module to sort out it's centre of gravity.

This is the PC that will be used to run the StepMania machine. When it comes to putting it into the cabinet I will forgo the case and bolt it directly to the walls of the cab.

It's a Mini-ITX board with a 1GHz Celeron and 512mb RAM. I'll be upgrading those soon and adding a PCI graphics card (at least 64mb) which has TV-Out.
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Yesterday whilst at work I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how one would go about making a full DDR machine. I discussed this with some friends on IRC and we threw around some ideas. [ profile] tktiger was kind enough to let me know via Twitter how large the screens are on official DDR machines (pre SuperNOVA), which proved to be a large factor.

The main goal is that the machine should be as large as an official DDR machine; screen should be the same size or larger, stage should be the same size and height from floor, speakers should give the same quality, etc. Stage and cabinet should be constructed new, possibly salvaging parts from old home pads (controller). Software of choice is Stepmania.
We ([ profile] matt_lion, Lev, [ profile] nidonocu and I) managed to whittle our ideas down to four possibilities:

1) Use an old arcade cabinet rewired for the purpose. Although the idea is sound for a MAME cabinet I wasn't too happy as we'd be limited to screen size and orientation (DDR screens are angled so that the top is further back, allowing the user to look down at it). Idea discounted.

2) Use a PC with a monitor. This option, along with the following two, allow for a cabinet to be built from scrath (my preference). However finding a monitor that is as large as an official DDR screen (29" 4:3) is very difficult and potentially quite expensive. NOTE: As of this morning I have opened the possibilty of using 16:9 screens, like the DDR X machines, but large 16:9/16:10 monitors are still expensive. Idea discounted.

3) Use an XBox with a TV. This was suggested by [ profile] jdel as a way of streamlining the build process. Old XBoxen are a dime a dozen and there already exist lots of home DDR pads that I can mutilate to get the controllers. StepmaniaX exists for this option but is difficult to come across and is kinda in alpha. [ profile] nidonocu also pointed out that old XBoxen aren't really that reliable hardware wise, and for resiliance it would mean having multiple XBoxen ready to swap out. Idea totally discounted.

4) Use a PC with a TV. This I feel is the best idea of the lot. Stepmania has pretty low requirements, which means that I can build a machine to play it using old bits that are lying around. The other advantage is that old CRT TVs large enough are plentiful, so much so that my local FreeCycle group had four 30" CRT TVs going up for grabs in the past week! This plan has legs.

So I sent an email to one of the FreeCyclers for my area and arranged to collect a 30" Philips TV from them tomorrow evening for the princely sum of a taxi ride home. The plan at that point was to build a PC with Linux (to get the best performance) running StepMania, though I'd still need to get a graphics card that has TV-Out (composite preferably).
However on my way home I remembered something, that I still have a Mini-ITX machine that I got from [ profile] jouva a few years ago, and that little beauty has TV-Out! Not only that, but I'll soon be the owner of an Acoustic Solutions (I think) home stereo amplifier (seperate) and a pair of speakers to go with them. In the next few days I'll have all of the internals sorted, then I just need to build the cabinet and the stage. :D :D

Building the cabinet and stage might take a while though... need tools and materials (wood, metal, perspex, etc).


After running through some hypothetical plans of how to make my own DDR machine, I actually realised that I actually have most of the hardware and software ready to go. o_o
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Here's a question for you.

I've already asked this on Twitter, but decided to ask my LJ friends too. Feel free to reply again if you've already tweeted your reply. This question is primarily aimed at those of us who cannot own firearms due to oppressive regimes (freedom my arse), but don't let that discourage you if you are lucky enough (and that's all it is for some) to live somewhere where it is your right to own a firearm.

If you could choose to own and use any firearm that is available to civilians in the USA, what would it be and why?

In my twitter post I had just mentioned that I would choose to own a Ruger Mini-14 Tactical, then added a H&K USP Compact after [ profile] murries mentioned pistols.

Both choices would be due to their compact size, accuracy and reliability, as well as using common forms of ammunition (.223 Remington/5.56x45mm and 9mm Parabellum respectively, although the compact has other calibres available).

Send your answers on a postcard in a comment. :3
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You know that law that affects furry cub porn? I've got one thing to say about it.

If you don't like it, VOTE.

See you at the elections.

P.S. I'm neither for or against this law. I may not like cub porn but I do not have the right to prevent the freedom of expression, and that's all I'm going to say about that.
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I recently came into ownership, for the princely sum of £0.00, of a Dell Inspiron 2600 laptop. It has a 1GHz Celeron processor, a 20GB IDE hard drive, and 512mb RAM. Given it's age I decided against sticking Windows on it, especially as my experiences with Windows 7 have soured my perception of all other versions of Windows, electing to install Ubuntu 9.10.

Geeky geek inside. )

Addendum: From what I've found "nomodeset" disables the KMS (Kernel Mode Settings) of the new linux kernels.
From UbuntuWiki: "Kernel mode-setting (KMS) shifts responsibility for selecting and setting up the graphics mode from to the kernel. When is started, it then detects and uses the mode without any further mode changes. This promises to make booting faster, more graphical, and less flickery."

So my plan now is to correct the KMS so that it loads the correct modules/settings.
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I would seriously encourage every single person who is able to vote in the upcoming general election to visit Vote For Policies and complete the survey.

The results will highlight who you should vote for based upon your responses to the policies each party provides.

Give it some thought.
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I got a lot of filming done at EF last year, 13 hours worth.

What's kept me from doing anything with that is the sheer size of the task... I hadn't really contemplated the enormity of working with that much video. It also doesn't help that my camera was on it's way out at the time, so a lot of the footage has artifacts.

However I have got a lot of footage of certain fursuits, and concentrating on one at a time is much more manageable. Of those suits I'll be making short montage-like videos to put onto YouTube for all to see, "Nouga at EF15" being one such.

I'll be working on more in my spare time over the next few weeks.
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I finally got around to working on some of the footage I shot at EF15. Enjoy. :D

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So I've started doing one of those "Let's Play" videos. To start the ball rolling I decided to do Jagged Alliance 2, which is a pretty long game. X3

The video (and further parts, when I upload them) can be found here, courtesy of the Internet Archive.

I know I don't ask for much here, but if you've got the spare time and don't mind me yammering on while playing a game, then please take a look. Comments are appreciated, but please bear in mind that I already know that the titles are pretty lack-luster and that I stammer quite a bit.

Cheers. :3

P.S. For best quality, download the MPEG4 version!
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Unsurprisingly I'm gonna be playing lots of Rock and Metal at one of the dances at ConFuzzled this year. :3

So, any requests? Leave a comment. :D


Feb. 14th, 2010 08:46 pm
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Back from camping. Man that was an awesome few days.

Temperatures ranged from -5°C at night to 4°C during the day. Despite this we were toasty warm around the campfire. :D

[ profile] sammythesamoyed and I were there with [ profile] kevinisageek, [ profile] r4nger5, and a few other furs (Bladewolf, Xoid, Mattgryphon, and Anakid). Yesterday we walked 12 miles (there and back) along the canal from Sowerby Bridge to Hebden Bridge.

I've been back home for a few hours, had a bath, caught up on Internetz, and had dinner. :3
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Today's Boxing Day and, as with yesterday, it feels like just another day. Like yesterday I'll also be in work, although it will be a night shift rather than a day shift. ;)


In other news I'm currently in the planning stages for a "Super Sekrit Projekt". Yes, I know I've had these before and they haven't gone anywhere, mainly through an initial spurt of excitement and then lack of motivation afterwards.

This particular project, however, has left the initial "OMG wouldn't that be awesome?" stage and has entered the "Serious Planning" stage; somewhere I've never got to before. :O

And yes, this one is staying secret. Only five people know about this; two of them being much appreciated advisers, one in [ profile] sammythesamoyed, and the final two being interested parties.

My planned time scale is to start the project in March and to have it completed by Halloween. Due to my restrictive work schedule I will only be able to work on this for one week out of every three, but I will be able to spend the entire week working on it. This gives me 11 non-consecutive weeks to work on this from start to finish, which given the amount of work to do should be easy; the problem will be motivating myself.

[ profile] schnee and [ profile] klepsydra, you both would probably be quite interested in this. Leave a comment if you're vaguely interested. :)


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