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South Yorkshire Airsoft are doing a Resident Evil style game at Proteus camp on the 24th November: UBCS vs STARS vs Zombies.

And seeing as I already have a STARS style uniform, I've opted to play STARS.
This is going to rock. :D

I'll try and get some pics of my STARS uniform once I get the last pieces for it.
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zOMG. That was the best airsoft game I went to in forever. It was great to see [ profile] spunkyrakune, [ profile] burned_leather (Seth), [ profile] zawolf, [ profile] pliskin, [ profile] g4t0rf0x, [ profile] foxdie and [ profile] numwolf. It was a shame that [ profile] murries couldn't come though; he was moving house.

There were close to 300 players at Proteus on Sunday so the organisers
decided to hold a day-long game. Unfortunately there was a helluva lot of
cow-pats around; queue lots of jokes and radio messages regarding shit, and very smelly boots.

Anyway The objective of the game was "Capture the Flag". We were split into
three teams of equal numbers and had to score as many points as possible by
raising any of five flags. Each flag had it's own secret points value and
once it had been raised would be lowered again by a marshal for the next
score. The twist was that a team could not recapture a flag until the enemy
had captured it from them. The team with the most points at the end of the day would win.

Hellsing, along with other "Coalition" members (Rag-Tags, New Republic Special Forces, etc) were on Blue Team. At the end of the day, despite feeling that we'd slipped in the afternoon, Blue Team won by over 150 points compared to the 2nd place team. :D

I can't remember everything but here's a general run down of the most memorable events.

- When I was running up our second flag (Flag 1) I caned the ring finger of my left hand. It bled a bit and has a slight bruise now.

- I was transferring some BBs from one of my mags to Pliskin's speedloader (he only has one mag for his sniper rifle) and one of the red team took the flag we were guarding. We let him take the flag and then peppered him; fastest flag capture, methinks. ;)

- About 10 of us were moving up between some buildings and we saw one of the red team looking in the opposite direction about 20ft away from us. We waited to see if he would notice us for a moment then Foxdie shouted "Hey, what colour are you?" The guy looked at us for about five seconds, which gave us time to see his red arm band, and then tried to scramble away. We peppered him. ;)

- Five of us were clearing a room and one of the red team had hidden around the corner into a corridor. NinjaChicken threw a grenade around the corner just as the red guy was coming towards us, the grenade hitting the poor guy in the crotch before exploding under his feet.

- Pliskin had possibly too much fun playing Sniper with his new spring L96A1, getting 8 "kills" in about 10 minutes.

That's all I can remember right now. I'll update this if I can think of anymore. XD
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Zero One Airsoft have had my order of a WE M1911 Full Metal pistol on back-order for over seven weeks (ordered on 26th June), and every single time I call (once a week) I'm told "We're getting them later this week, you'll have it next week."

I'm getting fed up with the lies. If I don't get this next week then I'm asking for a refund.
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I'm seriously considering taking up the support role within Hellsing Org, and for it I would get this: Star M249 Mk-46 SPW.

The price is right, it's a dedicated support weapon, and it's easy to upgrade. Reviews of it look good too. And it has rails. >:)
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So yesterday I was down at Proteus with [ profile] spunkyrakune, [ profile] pliskin, [ profile] zawolf, [ profile] g4t0rf0x and guys from Hellsing Org.
As with last time I had a fucking blast, I'm really loving that site and I'm also enjoying Hellsing Org, some really awesome folks in there. :D

My grenade launcher is freaking awesome, but it's a shame I didn't really get to use it on anyone. I also got an Alan 456r PMR radio, which was absolutely awesome.

Some awesome things:

- Holding six enemies at bay on my own for about 15 minutes.
- Hunting "Garry Glitter". X3
- Doing "What is Love?" in the car.

Thanks again to everyone for yesterday, it was amazing. :)
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Oh yeah. ;)

And no, the red and white shemagh wasn't part of the uniform, it was used to discern who was on which team (one team had them and the other team didn't).

After a load of faffing about I finally got my grenade laucher to work. Damn that thing is awesome! :D
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Yesterday afternoon I went and collected my perscription inserts for my ESS Advancer v12 goggles. It's a little weird looking through them, although everything is in focus. I guess since it's a new perscription I need to get used to it.

Secondly I went to V's last night and we recorded our first mp3cast, which will be online tonight and free to downloaderise. I'll post the details of it here when it's ready.
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Here we go, my Tokyo Mauri M4 S System with an ICS M203 grenade launcher.

Sorry for the shitty picture quality.

Click here to see )

I'm looking forward to using it on the 5th August at Proteus. :3
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It's arrived. :D

I'll take some pictures of it attached to my rifle tonight. :3
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Pictures of myself from Proteus

Click here to see! )

Oh gawd...

Jul. 22nd, 2007 08:16 pm
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I've just got home from Proteus.

My body hates me now and is demanding sleep. I wont be able to do that for another few hours.

But I had a fucking blast there! Goddamn I've missed airsoft. :D
Thanks to [ profile] murries, [ profile] pliskin, [ profile] spunkyrakune, [ profile] zawolf, and Spunky's friend (whose name I've forgotten. x_x) for an absolutely awesome day.

My M4 performed well in "combat" situations and the team I was on actually was able to work together (well, until near the end of the day).

There were the usual problems of cheaters (people not taking their hits) but meh, it didn't spoil the overall fun and by our reckoning we won today. :)

Overall it was win. :D
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Hey Spunky, are we still on for Sunday?

Just wanting to make sure with all this crap weather coming.
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Well I've just called Zero One Airsoft to check on the status of my WE 1911.
Unfortunately they won't have one from the supplier for another couple of weeks, obviously not in time for the game this weekend. Oh well.

I'm still going to Proteus this weekend, mind. I'll just take my CZ75 with me instead. :)


Jul. 13th, 2007 02:44 pm
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Yeah, I was bricking it during the interview.

I guess it went OK. There were good points and bad points raised (which I won't go into here). The role now looks to be a lot more demanding than I anticipated, but I don't care. I'm 100% focused to getting that job.

I'll find out next Friday at the latest. There are still some more applicants to interview.

So if I seem distant for the next week then you'll know why.

Anyway, this Sunday is full of charity stuff and next Sunday is full of airsoft. Pretty much win the next two weekends. :)
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I'm going to try and get some pictures taken tonight of my SWAT gear. Unfortunately the thigh pouch I bought for my left thigh as a dump pouch isn't going to be usable so I'm going to disregard that for now. All I need to do is fish out my balaclava and sew on the shoulder patches onto the blue boilersuit. :D

Stay on this channel.
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The boiler suit arrived yesterday, however it's a little darker than I was expecting; it's needs to be more cobalt blue than navy blue.

Any ideas/tips on how I can go about making it fade a little? I've thought about washing it a few times but I'm not sure if that will work.

Once that's done all I need to do is sew on the shoulder patches and it's done! :D
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Went to [ profile] cavebearranting's place last night to help him install, and get to grips with, Ubuntu. He's quite impressed with what it will do "out of the box"; e.g. browsing Windows network shares (samba is installed by default).

I'm still waiting on my boiler suit. I ordered it last Friday and it's still not arrived, although they've just taken the payment in the last couple of days. Hopefully it'll arrive soon. :)

I've found a nice big plastic side release buckle which I'm going to use to make a leg strap for my thigh pouch.

I'm looking forward to this all being completed. :D

EDIT: Mental Note: Need Navy Blue thread.
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Unfortunately the Mil-Force Utility Pouch I ordered from Zero One Airsoft doesn't have a leg strap. Fair play it's only there for VisRep (visual representation) but I'd still prefer for it to look right.

To fix this I'm going to butcher a spare shoulder strap that I have lying around and attach a plastic buckle to each end, then I'll attach it to the pouch. The strap will wrap around my leg and keep the pouch in place and prevent it from flopping about in a rather silly fashion.

Once my LAPD SWAT uniform is ready I'll get some pictures taken for all you folks who are interested. Thankfully my ugly mug will be hidden behind a balaclava too. :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, new icon.
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Another picture post here, this time cut for... well it'll become obvious when you see it. XD

It is SFW.

Scary?! )
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Woo! My new SWAT patches arrived today. :D

Now all I need is my navy blue boiler suit to finish off the uniform. :)


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