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Boswell asleep?!

Looks like the skunk has the right idea there, sleep is a Doubleplus Good Thing TM right now, but before I go I have to say a few things.

Thanks go out to the [ profile] bspies and all the other Blogathon monitors, to the Blogathon crew themselves, and to everyone who took part this year. We've sacrificed a weekend to make a difference in this world.

I'd like to do this again next year, but I really need to sleep before I make that decision. I'm going to have a quick smoke and then follow Boswell's lead.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal, already in progress.
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Thalyi at FC05

Only 30 minutes left now until I can finally get some sleep. XD

Seriously though, I'm glad that I did this. The money that has been raised, not just by myself but by everyone who has participated in Blogathon, will make an immense difference to all the charities involved. My thanks will come in the last post.
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Ysengrin, Thalyi, and T'Chall at FC05

Well there's only an hour left now. Woo and yay.

This has been a damn good blast, and it gave me time to finish watching Lost. :D
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Boswell at FC06

Well only and hour and half left. My body is screaming for sleep now, but I'm not going to let it until this is over. I've come so far to only fall at the last hurdle.
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Thalyi at FC06

Well we're down to two hours now. Four posts remain. Despite it actually having been 22 hours it's kinda flown by.

I'm gonna go and get a smoke. See ya in 30 minutes. :)
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Thalyi at FC06

Seems like I have a spring in my step there, eh? :)
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Brigus Jr. Thalyi and Ysengrin at FC06

OK, I found another one. And yeah I decided not to bother watching Great Teacher Onizuka and instead watch some of the BMW films. :>
These are essentially films comissioned by BMW, starting Clive Owen, to show off some of the more extreme things that their cars can do (insane stuff that can't be shown on TV), and they also got some top notch directors to make the films (Ang Lee, Guy Ritchie, John Woo, Tony Scott). One of them even features James Brown and Gary Oldman!

I never get tired of watching these. :)
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Sammy, Thalyi, and Harvest Coyote at AC05

Wow. What an ending to a fantastic series! I am so looking forward to season 3 of Lost. :D

I've decided to follow up Lost with a nice four hour helping of Great Teacher Onizka. Hooray for anime goodness. :3

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Brigus Jr and Thalyi at FC06

On the last episode of Lost now, so I'll be finished soon.

I'm also steadily running low on pictures, so the last six/seven posts will probably be my sleep deprived ramblings. XD
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Thalyi at FC06

I'm on the last two episodes of Lost now. We have answers but still more questions. Roll on season 3! :D
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Thalyi and Ysengrin at FC06

Only five hours are left on Blogathon 2006. Man what a rush this is.

I've been drinking water for the last hour or so as the coffee was starting to make me feel queasy. I'm feeling OK now though.
I'm pretty sure that when it hits 2pm I'll be going straight to sleep until around 10pm. I must remember to put the laundry in at some point today too.
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Boswell and Jenna Vixen at FC06

I had to have a picture of me and my mate ([ profile] damoncanine) in here somewhere. :)

Thanks go out to those of you who have and are still helping me with this. Staying up for 24 hours and updating this blog every 30 minutes is a lot harder than I had expected, but I am still enjoying it. :)
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Avoj and Thalyi at AC05

Back watching Lost again. I'm on episode 22 now, so not far off the end of season 2. I can't wait for the finale. :D
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Cobb and Thalyi at FC06

It's 7:30am now and I've just finished on the phone to Bennet and Rocko. I've got Kerrang! on now to try and wake me up a little more. Methinks it's now time to get back to Lost. :D
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Thalyi at FC06

Still talking with Bennet, which is a godsend. I so needed this. I feel so much more awake now. Having said that my brain is steadily turning to mush, so my ability to succesfully string together sentances is slowly reducing.

I don't even know if what I wrote there made sense. XD
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Thalyi at AC05

Well the sun's come up over here now and it's streaming in through the windows. My body is starting to wake up now, which is a good thing.
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Thalyi at FC05

It's interesting what happens when one is sleep deprived. Aside from my body being quite heavy it's starting to creak when I walk about, etc.

Right now I'm just talking to [ profile] bennetfox. THANK $DEITY.
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Thalyi at FC05

My body is starting to feel heavy now. Aside from the charitable benefits Blogathon is an experience unto itself. Normally if I was staying up for more than 24 hours I would catch a 40 minute power-nap here and there, but "Pushing the Button" every 30 minutes requires a different strategy.

So I'm asking a favour here. Is there anyone who's vaguely interesting in receiving a call from a British wolf-thing? The chatter would help me keeping going. It would also help if we have something in common (check my user info for my interests). ;)

I wonder how much longer it will take before my spelling and grammar go out of the window? Oh well, only another 8 hours and 20 minutes to go! :)
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Thalyi at FC05

What a follow-up to Spaceballs, a double bill of Star Trek: Voyager. :D

I'm such a sci-fi geek. This will keep me going for a while. ;)
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Thalyi at FC05

I think going out on Friday night really hasn't helped me with this. I'm pretty tired right now although but I'm sure that once the sun comes up I'll get back into the groove.

I love how John Hurt plays "Kane" in Spaceballs, sending up the same character he played in Alien. Good ole Mel Brooks. :D


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