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Lupus Ex Machina will be starting in 30 minutes on BritFur.FM.

You can join the fun on IRC:, #britfurfm
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It's Friday and that means that from 9pm until Midnight [ profile] jennavixen and I will be doing the internet radio thing again.

I should forewarn that LEM has undergone a change; we've freed the Italian Artisans from their captivity. It was a tearful scene, but we let them go on their way back to their original home of the Italian take-away around the corner.

So what does this mean for Lupus Ex Machina? Well for a start it means "No more cheese". That's right, the cheese has finally gone off and TBH we've run out of Stilton. But where to go now?

We've decided that it's high time that we make good our promises and have changed to a Metal/Punk show, which should hopefully satisfy the Dimmu Borgir poster that glares at me from the wall of Studio Lupus.

So as usual, 9pm til Midnight on BritFurFM. :D
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We're still going here. We had some technical difficulties at the start which made us about 45 minutes late, but we're running on strong with another hour left.

Listen in!
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Wow. Has it really been over a week since I last made an update here?

Lots of blah and Hobbldey-Hoy )

Also bad news with the whole BritFur thing tomorrow; working the night shift means no Lupus Ex Machina.
This will only happen once every three weeks (this was discussed with Axle prior to me starting) and tomorrow is my Friday night in work. Sorry guys, work comes first.

Coming back to [ profile] damonblackpaw and myself, today is our 2nd anniversary. :D

Aaaand that's all I can think to write at this moment. Oh yeah, I showed [ profile] r4nger5 Death To Smoochy last night, which he thoroughly enjoyed.
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Unfortunately, due to technical problems that I cannot rectify at the moment, Lupus Ex Machina wont be on BritFur.FM tonight.

Apologies, but these things happen. The problems will be resolved in the next few weeks.
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Last night's broadcast was fraught with technical hiccups. Despite that V and I had an awesome time.

My set turned from a mix of EBM to cheese. XD

The playlist is under the cut.

Read more... )

As you can see we went onto 2am, five hours. ;)

I'm really looking forward to next Friday. A big thank you to everyone who listened in. :)
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Before I forget to mention this (thanks for reminding me [ profile] avon_deer!) I shall be taking part in the LJ content strike tomorrow. I will not be making or reading any posts, nor will I be making comments, I won't even be posting a last minute reminder of my show (Lupus Ex Machina) on BritFur FM tomorrow.

I'll be "downing tools" at midnight tonight and back on LJ at midnight tomorrow. I will, of course, be on IMs, IRC, and the UKFur forums.

Comments are disabled for the same reason they are in Avon's post. I'm not opening up a debate here, or jumping on some metaphorical bandwagon, but issuing a statement.

I'll probably make a short report of "A Day Without LJ" tomorrow during "Lupus Ex Machina".

I hope that some of you will still listen into my show tomorrow night, and to everyone else; I'll catch up on Saturday. :)
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As it's Easter this weekend tomorrow will be my last day of work for a whole four days (Woohoo!). After work tomorrow I'll be going over to V's place to have a nice game of Supremacy: The Game of the Superpowers, which will probably last late into the night. We'll also probably be listening to BritFur.FM for Miyabi and Kittiah's show "The Harddrive".

Friday is Action Stations for "Lupus Ex Machina". I'm debating whether to run the first show on my own or to have V in as a co-host; I'm leaning towards the latter.

On Saturday V and I will be recording the R4nger5 Conspiracy Special: a massive discussion about conspiracy theories, which could last anything up to five hours in length! o.o

On Sunday I plan to do nothing at all. ^-^

On Monday... I don't know just yet.


Mar. 18th, 2008 10:13 am
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OK folks, I kinda need some advice.

I'm almost all set for Lupus Ex Machina on Friday, but I'm missing something: Stingers/Sweepers/Jingles/etc. Now these aren't needed or important but I would like to have some ready for the first show to give it a better feeling.

TR's already given me a great piece of voice work for me to play with but now I'm not sure where to go with this.

I'd really be grateful if anyone there could give me some help/info on creating decent quality stingers and station idents. Hell, I'd be really grateful if someone could make one or two for me. :)
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I guess I should plug this sooner or later.

I've applied for, and got, a slot on I should be starting this Friday evening, probably from 9pm until midnight (need to run this by the admins first), bringing listeners an eclectic stream of Electronic Music from the late 80's up until present day and covering as many genres as possible: Ambient, Breakbeat, EBM, Hardcore, House, Industrial, Jungle, Techno, Trance, and all the sub-genres within.

The show is Lupus Ex Machina.

I'll obviously post more details here as we get closer to the start date, but in the mean time you have been forewarned. ;)


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