Feb. 14th, 2010 08:46 pm
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Back from camping. Man that was an awesome few days.

Temperatures ranged from -5°C at night to 4°C during the day. Despite this we were toasty warm around the campfire. :D

[ profile] sammythesamoyed and I were there with [ profile] kevinisageek, [ profile] r4nger5, and a few other furs (Bladewolf, Xoid, Mattgryphon, and Anakid). Yesterday we walked 12 miles (there and back) along the canal from Sowerby Bridge to Hebden Bridge.

I've been back home for a few hours, had a bath, caught up on Internetz, and had dinner. :3
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I got myself some new camping/bushcraft gear whilst I was in Manchester yesterday, including an Opinel No. 7.

Pics are here.
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I've often thought about getting a self-contained solo cooking unit for when I got camping and I think I may have found it: The Primus EtaExpress.

Quote from the data sheet: "EtaExpress includes a stove that mounts directly on the LP gas cartridge, a windscreen for maximum fuel savings, and even a 1 liter pot. The lid can also be used as a frying pan. Both the pot and the frying pan are coated on the inside with a three layer titanium nonstick surface. All of the components, as well as a 230 gram LP gas cartridge, can be packed into the pot."

Upon further research (googling) I found a review of the stove. This is starting to look better than the MSR Reactor and the Jetboil PCS. And at £60 the price is right too.

If I decide to get one then I shall review it. :)
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OK, some good news.

After speaking to Damon last night I was reminded that his visa application doesn't actually need to include my rental agreement. Instead it can include a legal letter explaining as to when I will be renting somewhere.

So instead of going for the place in Churwell I'm going to stay here at V's and get a letter from the letting agency expressing the arrangements that have been made between them and I. I'll be getting that tomorrow. Much less hassle. :)

Thank you to everyone who left supportive comments/IMs yesterday.

In other news, I'm going camping this weekend. :)
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After V [ profile] r4nger5 pointed this out to me last Sunday I just had to buy one.

It folds up freaking tiny, uses the resealable butane gas canisters (except the Camping Gaz ones), is quite sturdy, at 235g it's incredibly light, and it only cost £20 brand new. :D

I can't wait to try it out when I next go camping. :D
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Going camping this weekend was possibly not a Good IdeaTM.

At least my new sleeping bag is nice and warm. :)
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I'm gonna be camping at Sowerby Bridge (near Halifax) this weekend, Friday night while Sunday afternoon.

My kit will consist of:

Other Arms Bergan
|- Tent - Coleman Avior X2
|- Self-Inflating Roll Mat
|- Sleeping Bag (Blacks Quad 2, XL)
|- Sleeping Bag liner
|- Poncho Liner
|- Spare clothes (3 days worth)
|- Stove
|- Mess tins
|- KFS
|- Food (three days worth)
|- 1/2 gallon water bottle
|- Folding chair (comfort is a good thing)
|- MagLite Mini (LED Conversion) w/spare cells.
|_ LED Lantern

More stuff will be added to this list as the day approaches.
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My other bag came back last night. :D

One really surprising thing that's happened is how quickly my weekends have filled up since I've got back off my holiday/vacation. The next four weekends are practically full!

16th-17th Feb (this weekend) - Housewarming Party, no LF meet.
23rd Feb - York Furmeet
1st-2nd March - Camping Trip
8th March - ConFuzzled Staff Meeting, no LF meet.
15th-16th March - Spring Cleaning
22nd-23rd March - Spring Cleaning

Currently it's looking like I won't be able to go to a LondonFurs meet until the meet on the 29th March. Sod's Law, really.


Oct. 26th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Back Sunday!
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Well after getting my new Other Arms Bergen home I compared it to my 3/4 PLCE Bergen.
Read more... )

The main test of this kit will obviously be when I next go on a camping trip, it'll be a good performance test for general use. I may just pack it this weekend to see how well all my camping gear fits in it.

New Tent

Aug. 30th, 2007 01:46 am
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So I got myself a new tent on Thursday of last week for camping, as my old one was unusable.

I decided to get the Coleman Avior X2. My god, this is an awesome tent.

From first glance it's pretty amazing. Not only is it 2.5kg packed but it's not much bigger than my sleeping bag is in it's compression sack. When I got to the campsite later that day and unpacked it I was again surprised; Coleman really went out of their way to make sure you can raise the tent as quickly as possible (18 minutes, the booklet said. I raised it in 15), the inner tent was already attached to the outer when I opened it up!

So I spread it out on the ground and took out the tent poles and pegs (which were awesomely stored in sleeves with sewn elastic bands instead of ties!). The poles looked tiny but are made of aluminium and went into the designated points quite easily. The pegs weighed almost nothing despite being quite sturdy and went into the earth quickly and without bending (I use my boots instead of a mallet). All that was left after that was to tighten the straps and open her up!

Now I'm the sort of person who likes to have space, so I normally clash any tent as one person less than advertised (unless you like spooning), so this 2 man tent is a 1 man tent to me. There was more than enough space inside for all my bits and pieces and once I had my rollmat (self-inflating) and sleeping bag inside it was pretty cosy.

This is possibly the most awesome part of this tent. The whole top of the inside of the tent is insect netting, allowing for much more air circulation. There were also an unexpected number of ventilation "windows" inside the tent. This is a crucial thing for me as I hate waking up in a hot and sticky tent.
The only downer to this is that during the night it can get a little chilly, but that's why you need to pack a poncho liner(aka ranger blanket) or a sleeping bag liner as well as your sleeping bag, because if you're like me you'll feel better if you wake up warm rather than sweating.

And that's enough of my rambles! c.c
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I'll be out camping from tonight (except for Friday night and Saturday: [ profile] united_kritters gig) till Monday, so I won't be on any IMs.

If anyone needs to contact me you can either call/text my cellphone 07716-612177 or send an email to thalyi [at] gmail [dot] com. I'll try to reply to texts and emails ASAP.


Jun. 4th, 2007 02:58 pm
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So this weekend [ profile] cavebearranting, [ profile] exiledwolf and I went camping at a wonderful campsite in Sowerby Bridge (near Halifax).

Zac ([ profile] cavebearranting) headed off to the site early on Friday to pitch up and [ profile] exiledwolf met me at Leeds train station after work. We arrived in Sowerby Bridge at around 20:20 and then went to the site.

As soon as we arrived I started to pitch my tent, wanting it up before twilight hit fully. This place really is beautiful, a small field cut right into the middle of a small forest which is easily accessable and despite a rew rough steps is absolutely beautiful (pictures will come this evening).
There was also a river which ran right past the site (OK accessability) which was soothing to listen to whilst relaxing.

I suppose the most awesome thing was that campfires are allowed. We had to burn our wood in an old barbeque, but the act of going out to find firewood, cutting it up properly to burn later, and then sitting in front of the fire as dusk turned to night was amazing.

Saturday was spent walking through the forest and generally having extended conversations about this and that, and Exile's attempts to create the ideal basha setup. It was a wonderful way to relax.

I'm still pretty chuffed with myself that I was able to pack everything (including the tent) into my PLCE bergen (rucksack). This means less kit to take with me to Download. :D

We're hoping to go again in three weeks time. Anyone want to come with? :)
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I was going to go down to the Thunderbolt Black meet (in London) but due to unforeseen circumstances I need to be at most 1 hour away from home at any one time. Queue weekend long camping trip to Sowerby Bridge (near Halifax) with [ profile] cavebearranting and [ profile] exiledwolf.

I spent most of last night packing and managed to fit all of my gear, including some non-essentials, into my 3/4 size PLCE Bergen.

Kit list )

I'll be going after work this evening, meeting up with [ profile] exiledwolf at Leeds train station at 7pm, and then head off to Sowerby Bridge to meet [ profile] cavebearranting. I'll be back Sunday afternoon.

The campsite allows campfires! :D :D

EDIT: If anyone fancies coming along, just call me, send a text, or email me. I'll have access to all three over the weekend. :)
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Download is only 37 days away. I've got my ticket booked, the days off work sorted. :D

Who's going and will be camping? I'll be going down on my own and it'd be nice to pitch up near someone I know.


Feb. 27th, 2007 05:21 pm
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Wow, colour me tired. I only got about five hours sleep last night so I think an early night is on the cards tonight.

As an update to life things are going pretty normally. I'm still working 10am to 7pm (GMT) and despite going for a drink after work a couple of nights a week I'm still being as unsocial as ever during the week.

I don't think that I'm completely over the flu just yet either. I'm well enough to work but I'm still coughing and sneezing during the day, and it seems like I have a constantly dry throat despite drinking a lot of fluids.

I've also been thinking about camping this year. I really do want to go camping as often as possible, even if it means going on my own. I'd especially like to go camping in Scotland sometime this year.

With regards to Camp Furry this year I'm torn between going for the majority vote of May or going for July. Below are the reasons for each:

Cheaper time of year
Milder weather
Less people Camping
Easier for those in work to get time off

Clashes with six furry conventions.

Those in further/higher education can come as they will be away from College/Uni.
Typically nice weather
Can be done in the two weeks between "Anthrocon" and "Lakeside Furs" fur cons.

Sometimes can be more expensive
More people camping
Might be difficult for those in work to get the time off

I'm gonna consult a few people regarding this before a decision is made.

And finally, would folk like Camp Furry to last four days as before? Feedback on this would be appreciated.

That's it for now.


Feb. 19th, 2007 06:57 pm
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I really want to go camping sometime next month. I need to get away from urban life for a couple of days.

Anyone else interested?

Yeah you guys are right, I should really wait until things warm up. :)


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