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One happy family.

From left: [ profile] damoncanine (as Sammy), myself, [ profile] dark_fang, [ profile] ysengrin. I'm actually glad that this picture got taken, I love pictures of myself with my mate and packmates. :)

Image courtesy of [ profile] tchall!
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I guess it's about time I wrote about this seeing as I spent an age going on about it before FC.

Cut due to large amount of text )
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Werewolf pics )

In other news I'm feeling a lot better today. I'm still pretty damn tired though. x_x
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This is my favourite picture (of myself) from FC this year.

Graafen and Scaborous )

In other news my mate [ profile] damoncanine is pretty ill after last night. I've given him a cup of tea and he's trying to sleep the rest of the sickness off.

I'll be heading back to the UK tomorrow. My flight leaves from MCO at 18:15 so we'll probably be leaving here at 15:00. I'll be back in the UK (Manchester airport) at 9:55am GMT.

P.S. [ profile] lusting_lioness, I've got some twinkies for ya.

Well fuck

Jan. 28th, 2007 09:41 pm
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I know there were a couple of awesome pictures taken of myself and Scaborous at FC, and I'm sure I saved them to Damon's laptop, but I can't find them for the life of me.

If anyone finds those pics, can you send/link me please?

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Short one this time.

For those who are going to FC here's how to recognise me. )


Jan. 16th, 2007 09:30 am
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Today's my last day of work for two weeks. Tomorrow is packing day and Thursday moring (around 5am) I shall be setting off to the USA.

Interestingly enough by the time I arrive at the Doubletree in San Jose it will be 5am (GMT) Friday morning, so I will have been travelling for at least 24 hours.

I spent a few hours last night organising the 60GB worth of mp3s that I have collected in my Discography Drive, which was a bit of a pain. I'll take another crack at it again tonight and tomorrow.

In other news the Doomsday Clock is set to move closer to midnight tomorrow, which is just my luck considering I fly out the day after. I'm really starting to get freaked out that international military/terrorist actions happen on or around the times when I fly to the US.
The change of the clock is due to be announced at 14:30 (GMT) tomorrow.

My next post will contain my FC Do's and Don'ts.
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Today is my last day in work before Christmas. I've got a four day weekend and will be back in work on Wednesday till Friday, then it's New Years.

As of yesterday there are only four weeks left until FC. I'm expecting some more Metal to come my way over Christmas to increase my collection in time for the "Sunday Night Mosh" (Sunday 21st Jan, 21:00-00:00, San Jose+San Carlos, FC). The only worry I really have about that show now is whether Twitch will be able to make it, as he's not so sure about FC himself. If he can't make it then I shall have to do the show myself, which will be interesting to say the least.

I'm glad that I've managed to secure a flight to FC from Manchester Airport as it's much easier and cheaper to get to than the London airports and will reduce my overall journey time.

As Damon and I have been unable to find someone to perform our "pawfasting" (Handfasting) at FC I have decided to perform a Solitary Handfasting, which works fine with my Eclectic Wiccan belief. I've not yet looked into where or when we would like to perform this, but I shall keep folks updated as and when we decide.
What this does mean is that the ceremony will be a little shorter and that Damon and I probably won't be in fursuit for it as we will both need to speak clearly and perform parts of the ritual.



Dec. 14th, 2006 12:40 pm
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Just a small update to let you folks know that I've got my tickets for FC booked now.

I'll be arriving into San Jose at 20:37 on Thursday the 18th Jan, which means I'll probably get to the hotel for around 21:00 and then I'll be going straight to sleep. :P

Oh yeah, FC is five weeks away today. :D
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The new FC Newsletter went out today along with the schedule.

Upon checking Sunday's events I noticed "The Metal & Punk Show"...

Quote: "Thalyi & Twitch present The Metal & Punk Show."

That's right, [ profile] twitchwolf and I will be rocking the shit out of FC.

Sunday Night, 9:30pm till Midnight, San Juan+ San Carlos rooms.

Fuck yeah! :D
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I got my FC2007 pre-reg through the other day. My membership number is 1306. :D


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