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I absolutely adore cooking and I'm really still learning. A lot of recipies call for allowing things to "Simmer. Stir occasionally", but when I ever did that the food would stick and burn to the bottom of the pan unless I stirred constantly, which pissed me off no end.

This problem has been almost entirely solved by switching to using a copper-bottom stock pot over a saucepan! I picked one up from Argos on Friday and made a chili using it this evening, which came out so much better than ever before. The meat is so tender and the veg nice and soft!

This is one of the simple bits of culinary knowledge that I had such a hard time discovering as it seemed that everywhere took that simmering was something everyone knew. The same can be said for other things, like dicing onions and other veg.
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Right, tonight is Stir-Fryday! Time to rescue the wok from the cupboard and cook something fresh for a change. [ profile] rockopup has sent me a couple of recipes to try out, so I'm going to hit the supermarket after work for the required ingredients and then get home and start cooking! :3

This is kind of a new frontier for me but should be very interesting! Make way for Aluminium-Foil Chef Thalyi! :P


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