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This weekend I was over at [ profile] spunkyrakune's place making a fursuit with him, ZaWolf, FatKraken, and Louie (sp?).

I had so much goddamn fun. :D
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Have some fursuit pics. :)

More under here )

FC Update

Jan. 25th, 2008 05:14 pm
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We're at the FC hotel now, in room 855.

For those of you who are at FC, don't forget that I'm going to be DJing tonight from 12:15 to 02:00. I'll be doing my usual punk/metal thing.

And lastly, here's a picture from last night. :)

Additional: I'll be busy tonight from 7pm to about 10pm, then I'll be gone from 11:45pm to late.
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Last week when I was feeling kinda down, [ profile] damonblackpaw sent me a picture to cheer me up.

Click here to see, SFW )

Sufficent to say that the picture succeeded in cheering me up. Damon's such a sweetie. ^___^
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One happy family.

From left: [ profile] damoncanine (as Sammy), myself, [ profile] dark_fang, [ profile] ysengrin. I'm actually glad that this picture got taken, I love pictures of myself with my mate and packmates. :)

Image courtesy of [ profile] tchall!
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Short one this time.

For those who are going to FC here's how to recognise me. )
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Today is Friday. Later this evening [ profile] greyscar and I will be driving on down to London for the meet and for Torture Garden, which is now up to SIX fursuiters! :D

So yes, much weekend excitement!

Last night I got up to Chapter 4-3 in Resident Evil 4. As I'm only in work until 1pm today I'll probably try and play it a little more before [ profile] greyscar picks me up later in the evening. It would be nice to finish the game and start on the second attempt at it (mostly to find things that I missed the first time around).

I'll try and make an update this evening, but if not it'll be Monday.
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I had written a really awesome post here, but due to problems between here and LJ it was lost, and as I can't remember exactly how I wrote it you'll be getting the condensed version.

Last night I got in at around 20:30 and after playing Resident Evil 4 I gave [ profile] ysengrin a call regarding a couple of things, after which I got back to working on the website I've been working on recently. At around 23:30 I settled down for bed and went to sleep at around 01:30. My body doesn't seem to have adjusted to the late shift completely, but it's still very grateful to be waking up at 09:30 instead of 07:30

I'm really looking forward to the trip to London this weekend with [ profile] wolfarlis for the LF meet and Torture Garden, as well as meeting up with [ profile] foxb, [ profile] ookami_sprite, [ profile] gareth_rehal and [ profile] sphelx. I'll probably spend most of the night at the bar though as I'm very self-concious about my dancing, moshing(video, 25MB) is about all I can do.

And that's it for now. Laters!


Aug. 30th, 2005 10:51 am
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Well it's Tuesday and I'm back in work after a much needed three day weekend (thanks to the Bank Holiday)!

The York meet on Saturday rocked, thanks guys!

Guild Wars is keeping me busy on an evening. The reason I dropped Matrix Online was that I wasn't getting as much satisfaction out of it as I was from Guild Wars. Speaking of which I spent some of Saturday night playing Guild Wars with [ profile] ysengrin before it went titsup. I really need to play it more instead of procrastinating.
The rest of Saturday and Sunday night was spent playing HL2:DM with [ profile] dark_fang, which was fantastic! What a beatiful game it is... *happy sigh*

For those who don't already know [ profile] noble_reloaded sent me piccies last night of Boswell's complete head! Piccies are in my previous post and my gallery.

More later as events warrent!
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OK, so [ profile] noble_reloaded just sent me piccies of the head of my new fursuit, Boswell the Gothic Skunk

Pictures are below the cut!
6 Piccies! )

"Thanks Noble, Thoble"

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