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Just got off the phone with BT. We'll be connected for the telephone on the 28th August, whilst we're in Germany.

Now to deal with the ISP.
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OK, some good news.

After speaking to Damon last night I was reminded that his visa application doesn't actually need to include my rental agreement. Instead it can include a legal letter explaining as to when I will be renting somewhere.

So instead of going for the place in Churwell I'm going to stay here at V's and get a letter from the letting agency expressing the arrangements that have been made between them and I. I'll be getting that tomorrow. Much less hassle. :)

Thank you to everyone who left supportive comments/IMs yesterday.

In other news, I'm going camping this weekend. :)
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As I move into my new place on Thursday, some of Wednesday (payday) will be spent perusing the laminated book of dreams for last minute things, like kitchen gear.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I won't be going out of West Yorkshire this month; money is going to be incredibly tight with the move itself. x_x

Ah well, only a four weeks later and Damon moves here! ^_^
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Wednesday, 28th May 2008, I'll be going to view a property for the very first time in my life. :D

It's a 2-bed unfurnished terraced house in Leeds, double glazing and central heating, for £375 pcm.

Fuck. Yes. :D

If this goes according to plan I will be moving in there sometime in July or August. Colour me ecstatic. :D :D
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- Hardware upgrade to file-server (move from Mini-ITX board to ATX board (Athlon XP 64 3700).
- Rebuild file-server OS and reinstall software (Samba), plus general file management.
- Convert MiniITX machine to Media Center PC (MythTV) or a low-end Desktop.
- Install Linux (Debian or Gentoo) on an Apple iMac (G3, tray loading).
- Backup V's huge DVD collection to hard disks.

Certainly the most interesting thing will be installing Linux on the iMac. :)
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As I've got the time to fart about with this kinda stuff I've decided that in the next couple of weeks I'm going to replace the mobo in my file server with something a little more robust. I'm currently using my Mini-ITX box as the file server, but even after placing the kit inside of an ATX case I still need board expandability for more drives.

So I've decided to use an ATX board instead (AMD Athlon 939) which will allow for more drives on board and with expansion cards. What this does mean is that I can use the Mini-ITX machine for something else, which I'm not sure of just yet. Perhaps a Linux Media Centre?
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Things went a lot quicker today. I'm 3/4 done now and the skip is almost full. :D

Once I've shifted the last quarter of junk that I've accumulated over the last four years I'll be ready to move onto things like the vacuuming and dusting; which I can leave till tomorrow. The priority is that I have all of the junk out in the skip before tomorrow when it gets collected.

I'm feeling quite good with all this. :D
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I've spent nearly three hours working on my bedroom and I've only got a fifth through it. I've thrown out eight bin-liners of rubbish and stuff I no longer need, and have three bin-liners of clothes! Methinks a trip to Oxfam might be in order at some point.

If anyone feels like popping over to lend a hand today/tomorrow, I would appreciate it incredibly. Food and drink will be provided. ^^


May. 15th, 2007 12:38 pm
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OK I've decided that this weekend I'm going to reorganise my room. I'm really getting sick to the back-teeth with it they way it is. This means that I won't be online at all whilst I'm reorganising, so I'll probably end up just being online on Sunday evening.

Fuck it, I'm going to sort out the room tonight. I can't deal with it they way it is now. Hopefully it won't take me too long.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 01:26 pm
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Saturday is going to be a long day of room cleaning. This is my list:

1) Take as much out of the room as possible (except for furniture).
2) Destroy the bed (it's broken) but keep the mattress.
3) Bag up and dispose of all the rubbish.
4) Fit curtain rail and hang curtains.
5) Move the workbench to the opposite side of the room.
6) Move the computer to the Workbench.
7) Destroy and throw out old chair (it's broken too).
8) Destroy old computer desk (don't need it).
9) Move TV to opposite side of room, closer to the cable point.
10) Set up new Firewall server. Position near Cable point with Cable Modem.
11) Take old firewall server to the tip after rescuring hardware from it to sell on eBay (unless someone wants to take it off my hands, Dell Poweredge 4100).
12) Finally vaccum and dust the room.
12) Put stuff back into bedroom from living room.
13) Fit sword display hooks to wall and finally hang the sword I have.
14) Get [ profile] rustyfox to come and take pictures.

All the wood taken from this destruction will go toward the bonfire Saturday night. :)
I wanna do this Saturday as I'll be visiting my parents on Sunday. As I can't afford a new bedframe until after FC I'll be sleeping on an airbed on the old bed mattress, which should be OK. I'm so gonna have a lot of stuff to throw out. x_x


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