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I recently came into ownership, for the princely sum of £0.00, of a Dell Inspiron 2600 laptop. It has a 1GHz Celeron processor, a 20GB IDE hard drive, and 512mb RAM. Given it's age I decided against sticking Windows on it, especially as my experiences with Windows 7 have soured my perception of all other versions of Windows, electing to install Ubuntu 9.10.

Geeky geek inside. )

Addendum: From what I've found "nomodeset" disables the KMS (Kernel Mode Settings) of the new linux kernels.
From UbuntuWiki: "Kernel mode-setting (KMS) shifts responsibility for selecting and setting up the graphics mode from to the kernel. When is started, it then detects and uses the mode without any further mode changes. This promises to make booting faster, more graphical, and less flickery."

So my plan now is to correct the KMS so that it loads the correct modules/settings.
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Picture proof that primal is now running xubuntu. ^_^

[ profile] cavebearranting will be brining over his Armada when he gets it for similar treatment. :D

Oh and this elusive character... )

And now, off to work!
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It was a Bad IdeaTM for me to build primal with Debian Etch (Stable). Sure things will be stable, but it's too old for me to do what I want to with it.

So I'm going to see about slapping Gentoo on it when I replace the 12GB HDD with a 40GB one. I know it means that it's gonna take a long while for things to compile/install, but it's a lot more current and I can configure things specifically for my machine. As I'll only be installing FluxBox as the WM and a few other minimal applications for web-browsing, email, and IMs it'll be worth the hassle.

I might still try xubuntu though.
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Well, after too much farting about following conflicting HOW-TOs and manuals I finally got dhcpd3 and tftpd-hda configured properly. I've now installed Debian Etch on my Compaq Armada (hereby known as primal) via PXE. :D

Now I just need to configure it, which I'll probably do tonight.
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I made a killer purchase today. A second hand Compaq Armada M300 for £50!

Now I know it's an old machine but these things still go for £150+ in second hand shops, so I've made a jackpot here.

It's TINY! 12.1" XGA screen, Pentium III 600MHz, 128MB SDRAM upgradable to 320MB, 12GB HDD.

It's currently got Windows XP Pro installed on it, but tonight I'm going to blitz it and install Debian on it. :>
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I think it's time for me to change the naming convention of my machines.

Currently my router is Shodan, my desktop is Xerxes and my laptop is unnamed. The current convention is computers that have appeared in fiction.

The problem is that I can't find a named laptop or portable computer in fiction (especially one with an AI). If I could find one then I wouldn't have a problem.

So I either need a new naming convention or a name for my laptop. All suggestions appreciated. :)

P.S. I suppose I could always call my lappy "Box"(Star Cops).
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Last night I got home at about 8pm, after going to see some friends. The surprising thing was that my laptop had been returned to me in fully working order, completely repaired under warranty! That was a damn quick turn-around.

I was finding it tired to sleep last night so I went to have a nap at around 9pm and promptly work up at 7am!

Anyway, the ConFuzzled staff meeting is tomorrow. It's a bit 50/50 as to whether I'll be attending it or not, though I hope I can.
I'll be there. :)

End of Line.
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It seems that Distant Thunder has changed it's location from Swynnerton to Anglesey, which is a BIG differnce travel wise. Luckily I've got some backup transport thanks to the trains and [ profile] omega256.

Tuesday night I installed X on "mother". [ profile] ralesk, it only took 40 minutes to emerge completely. ;)
I was going to work on "mother" some more last night, but as I had a stonking headache I decided to go to bed early. Tonight I'm going to install Xfce and get working on encrypting my home partition.

If I can get EVE running through WINE then I'm probably gonna blitz my laptop and install Gentoo on that as well.

That's all for now. More as required.


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