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Eight hours until the MSI concert. Man, I am fucking excited to hell and back! :D


[Edit] I'll be going to the LF meet tomorrow, so I won't be back until tomorrow night. :)
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It's midweek again and three days left til [ profile] sphelx and I go to see Mindless Self Indulgence.

Last night was uneventful aside from my absess exploding, which altogether isn't a bad thing except for creating more laundry. I had a sneaky feeling that this would happen, as it was starting to contract on itself (which I assume was due to the anti-biotics). It's no longer as painful as it was a couple of days ago, definately on the way to recovery methinks, but still got to finish the course.

It's that time of year again, so I spent most of last night pondering things; the prior year, where I'm headed in the future, etc, etc. I'm still happy with the road I'm heading down, it's just a shame the goal is so far away (time wise). :/

My trip to America in January is closing fast, only 17 weeks away (four months)! I still need to book the flight though, which is gonna be around £350-£450.

For now, that's it. Laters.
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Yes it's Friday today, which means it's almost weekend time! *dance*

I'm a lot happier now, my mother's doing really well and I'm gonna spend most of tomorrow with her shopping and stuff. Saturday night I should get some fursuiting done at [ profile] foxb's, and Sunday will be chill time with [ profile] wolfarlis. :)

What did I do last night? HL2! I'm out of Nova Prospekt now and back in City 17 in the chapter "Anticitizen One", which aside from the numerous amount of Man-Hacks flying around and the "lake" of toxic waste (which the zombie's seem immune to) is a really fun chapter. I reckon I'll have it finished either tonight or later this weekend. :>

Oh yes...


That's all for now, more later!


Aug. 30th, 2005 12:07 pm
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I wonder if anyone's thought of a Livejournal Opera? I mean, there's more than enough drama going around LJ as it is. In fact I'm sure there's more drama than Jerry Springer. x.x

In other news I won't be on the second VLF show this weekend as I'll be at Fireball Squadron's airsoft site. I will be at the third show, weekend 17th September, as I'll be in London anyway to see Mindless Self Indulgence with [ profile] sphelx.
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So I've been listening to this album a lot recently after getting a copy of it a few weeks ago. I so <3 this album, it's probably my fave of the year with MSI's "You'll Rebel To Anything" a very close second.

What I have noticed now as some so-called "die hard" SOAD fans claiming Mezmerize is "too poppy" and they've betrayed their fans and their "metal roots". I have to complete disagree with that notion as Mezmerize is exactly the same as the other albums they have done; it's alternative, it's broken the mould by not conforming to the usual trends of other sub-genres of Heavy Metal whilst injecting current political meaning into their lyrics. Every single song they've wrote is non-conformist, different to the norm of Metal, right from their first self-titled album. Compare SOAD, even their early stuff, with Fear Factory and Metallica and you'll notice that there is a vast difference in the musical style.

SOAD is Alternative Metal, remember that kiddies; they're a metal version of Aphrodite's Child or Jefferson Airplane. If you can't appreciate artists and bands who experiment with their style, then SOAD is not for you.
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Friday 16th September afternoon is now booked off. Just need to find a hotel for that night and then everything's sorted for [ profile] sphelx and I to attend the MSI concert. "Excited" doesn't describe how I'm feeling right now. :D

BTW, I also got hold of the follow albums:

Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Lost Prophets - The Fake Sound of Progress
System Of A Down - Mezmerize

Yum. :3


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