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This journal post is a just a quickie, as requested by [ profile] tilt_longtail.

I don't have any funny pictures to hand, but you can have the group photo taken at the end of Thursday night's game of 2.8 Hours Later, a zombie-themed game of Escape and Evade which takes place across a city centre.

This weekend's game was in my home town of Leeds, so I roped my other R4nger5 [related entries here] comrades into this to see if we could apply our survival skills, strategic knowledge, and teamwork to a simulated apocalypse situation.

The four of us at the back are the R4nger5 in the group, we were the ones who survived in our eight-person group. ;D

I'll try and write up a report of the game tomorrow for posting here and to G+.
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Well here it is, done and dusted.

Comments/criticism (constructive) welcome. Please bear in mind that we do know about the audio quality at some points; there was nothing really that we could do about that at the time. In the future it shouldn't be a problem as we'll be investing in a decent uni-directional gun mic for the camera.

At some point I'll also be replacing my Sony TRV8E MiniDV camcorder with a more professional one. I'd personally love to get a Sony HVR-HD1000E, but I'm not sure if I want to spend over a grand on it. x.x

Can anyone reccomend a decent Standard Def Pro video camera that's available for less than a grand?

R4nger5 TV

Jul. 7th, 2008 07:39 pm
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Unfortunately there's been a problem with Episode One of R4nger5 TV, namely a failure with our backup camera and the video taking a good two hours to render completely. As such it'll be uploaded tomorrow morning (probably around 9am UTC), I'll make a post when it's done.
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Episode One of R4nger5 TV is *almost* complete, I just need to capture one last thing from an old VHS-C camera that we were using (not a problem, really) and it'll be ready to upload. It should be online tomorrow.

Episode One contains:
- A short and concise recap of the R4nger5 ideals.
- A review of a pretty awesome camping stove.
- The CUB (you'll have to watch the episode to find out what that is).
- Ration packs for under £1!
- Two submitted videos!

V and I have pretty much shot about 50% of Episode Two already, and it's due for release in August.

In other R4nger5 news the website is currently undergoing an overhaul. We're moving the site to an off-site server which will be much more stable and thus will eliminate all the email problem's we've had of late (these were due to crappy ISP).
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In an hour I'll have finished yet another two weeks of work, which means that today is the start of one week of non-work. :)

For this week [ profile] r4nger5 and I have planned to finish off Episode One of R4nger5 TV, do some geeky/techy stuff, and I'm possibly going to do some shopping for when I move out into my new place.

I'd also like to provide some updates to a few things (mostly because working 12hr shifts kinda fries my short-term memory x_x); [ profile] damonblackpaw and I have been talking and we've decided that he's gonna move to the UK on the 21st of August, not the 1st of September as originally planned. This means that we'll both be flying from Manchester Airport to EF. :)

Also, Damon and I have set a day for the registration of our civil union; the 18th October (Saturday). I'll be sending out invitations sooner or later (but definitely before EF). We're both hoping that Damon's parents will be able to come over for it; and my parents (Mum and step-Dad, Dad and step-Mum) will be there too.
All in all it will be a small affair and we're hoping to get registered in the same place where we will have the reception. :)

Finally I'm going to open up the floor here. If you would like to come to the reception (and can make it) on the 18th October then either send me an email or leave a comment here. Please don't tell me on IM as I'll probably forget; emails or comments are best. :)

R4nger5 TV

Jun. 6th, 2008 07:00 pm
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Episode Zero of R4nger5 TV is now online. Check it out here or you can watch the embedded version below the cut.

Click here to watch the embedded version )

Enjoy! We're aware that the camera quality is low, but this is more a 'proof of concept' episode. Better content next week! Let us know what you think!

R4nger5 TV

Jun. 5th, 2008 04:17 pm
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[ profile] r4nger5 and I have just finished recording and editing Episode 0 of R4nger5 TV.

It's by no means amazing but it's nice to finally get what we've been wanting to do for a long while done.

It's currently being rendered as I write this and should be finished in about 30 minutes. However we have to leave for work in 10. XD

So all I can say is please bear with us. The show will be uploaded tomorrow.
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I just spent the last hour making an intro and an outro for an internet video project that [ profile] r4nger5 and I have resurrected. Adobe Premiere is bloody beautiful. <3

Tomorrow we should hopefully have some "product" to put onto YouTube. :D
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I'm just gonna leave all the political stuff out of my LJ from now on.

There's no need for me to comment on it at all here, as I do that on the radio show that I co-host with V over at [ profile] r4nger5. We've got at least 100 listeners (but that might be a massively conservative estimate) that do provide us with feedback.

But mostly it's because I've come to the realisation that I'm no longer able to articulate myself effectively via a blog. I write things that, at my first glance, seem to be water-tight and solid but later appear as they actually are, flawed and full of holes.

When talking on the radio show I don't have that, I'm able to get my arguements and comments out without any problems.

Of course I'll still be updating my LJ with incidental stuff about my life, but there'll be no more political stuff. If you do want to hear what I have to say about that then head on over to [ profile] r4nger5 and listen to the shows.
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As it's Easter this weekend tomorrow will be my last day of work for a whole four days (Woohoo!). After work tomorrow I'll be going over to V's place to have a nice game of Supremacy: The Game of the Superpowers, which will probably last late into the night. We'll also probably be listening to BritFur.FM for Miyabi and Kittiah's show "The Harddrive".

Friday is Action Stations for "Lupus Ex Machina". I'm debating whether to run the first show on my own or to have V in as a co-host; I'm leaning towards the latter.

On Saturday V and I will be recording the R4nger5 Conspiracy Special: a massive discussion about conspiracy theories, which could last anything up to five hours in length! o.o

On Sunday I plan to do nothing at all. ^-^

On Monday... I don't know just yet.
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Tonight I'll be over at V's with Greyscar to record another episode of R4nger5 Radio, so I may not be online tonight.

I'll also be getting a new case for my home server box; upgrading from a shuttle case to a mini-tower (the mobo is uATX, I think) which will give more physical space for hard drives. Currently I have two HDDs in it and I aim to put more in as required.

The box, named "alpha", is currently running Samba server, sharing files across the network to Linux and Windows machines (including the XBox, which runs as an entertainment machine). With all the media I have hard disk space is at a premium, so the physical ability to add more drives is a Good ThingTM.
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Episode 15 of R4NGER5 Radio is done and uploaded. Check this shiznit out. :D

Oh [ profile] schnee, we'd like to have you on the show via Skype sometime. :D
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Here's an excert from [ profile] cavebearranting's rant/monologue regarding mainstream media, entitled "Mainstream Media & Me". Not surprisingly I agree with it in it's entirity. Please note that this is written from the point of view of someone who watches British television.

The television I see seems to follow only a few directions:

News – primarily to scare the living shit out of you.

Home / lifestyle / car improvement – you should aspire to having more and better stuff

Drama – to show you that life can be bad, but if you do the ‘right thing’ and follow out moral guidelines, then you will be all right. Bad things don’t always happen to good people.

Fantasy – complete distraction from reality. Watch this go back to sleep

Reality television – a fun house mirror that distorts people so radically, that anyone, even the laziest white trash with no aspirations can feel that they are morally superior to someone.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not a criticism of the televisual output from the Americas. It is happening here, too. Rapidly.

All these forms of entertainment (and I include the news in this) are designed to take the place of the social control function of organised religion. It wants to give you a framework of values. It wants a ‘dumbed-down’ populace. It doesn’t want people to question anything. This would be sort of ok, if this was to benefit human kind. It isn’t.

If you don’t believe this, ask yourself when you last learned how to do something that wasn’t specifically related to a product, or spending money, in some way.

To read the rest, click here.

I have to add an ammendum myself. There are some absolutely stunning programs that can be found within the wasteland of TV and if we're lucky we'll stumble upon them. History and Science channels are examples of these but also have their fair share of crap, even if it is much less that other channels.

The oft cliché phrase "Jeez, 100 channels and there's nothing on" springs to mind.
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Episode 2 of R4nger5 Radio will be recorded tonight and will be put online tomorrow.

For those who haven't listened to episode 1 we provide a commentary on the state of affairs in Britian; civil liberties(or lack thereof), society, security, class-war, etc.

If you've got a news story you think we should cover, please leave a comment (preferably within the next hour and with a link).

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It's ready. Keep in mind this is the first time we've done this so there's a little bit of dead air.

Check it out here.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

Oh, and if you like that and would like to hear more you can add the podcast to whatever media aggregator you use.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 05:55 pm
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I'm starting to feel a little "Meh" again. Tis probably the Thursday afternoon blues; nearly the end of the week but not quite Friday afternoon.

So anyway, I read and finished Filth (thanks [ profile] greyscar!) and I'm going to start reading the HP series again from the start (still need to get Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows). I've also been learning to play chess with the aid of a book and one of those computerised chessboards.

As mentioned earlier today our podcast will be up online at around 8pm WEST (UTC+1) and will be hosted on OurMedia, who provide media hosting in conjunction with the Internet Archive (which is now an official library!).

We're gonna try and do the podcast weekly. It will also have an RSS feed so those of you with media aggregators will have those sent to you as soon as we get them up online. Mostly it'll be V and I talking about the state of the world, our own opinions of things, how you might be able to change your lives, etc.
Sometimes we'll have guests on; people we know who will something valuable to contribute. You'll find out more you listen to the podcast. You'll also find out why the first few hours of Anthrocon 2005 were spent in the hotel bar...

Oh and finally I'll be going to the ConFuzzled Staff Meeting on Saturday and Proteus Camp on Sunday. Tis going to be a busy but fun weekend. :D
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Yesterday afternoon I went and collected my perscription inserts for my ESS Advancer v12 goggles. It's a little weird looking through them, although everything is in focus. I guess since it's a new perscription I need to get used to it.

Secondly I went to V's last night and we recorded our first mp3cast, which will be online tonight and free to downloaderise. I'll post the details of it here when it's ready.


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