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I've finally got around to having some good pictures of Radinov taken whilst she's wearing the very little she currently has in her wardrobe. Thanks go out to [ profile] damonblackpaw for being the dear behind the camera. :)

Ever so sliiightly NSFW as she's wearing her underwear in some pictures. :O

Here's a quick teaser...

Click here for moar pics plz.
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Radinov's all dry and brushed now, smelling sweetly of summer flowers. ^_^

I've sorted out some clothes for her too. She's gonna be wearing a nice little DPM ensemble; a DPM t-shirt and DPM shorts (with a rather sweet tail sleeve in the back, inspired by Cosmo). Gonna work on that tomorrow whilst at the YHA.

Obviously pics will happen, just give me a few days. :P
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Radinov is currently sitting under my desk at work and as soon as I get home from work she's going into the washing machine. I've got some fabric softener to add to the wash to make her fur nice and soft. ^___^

Then she's gonna spend the next few days drying and on Thursday I'll get her packed for CF. I'll be leaving for Manchester from Leeds train station at 7pm, aiming to get to the YHA at by 8:30pm-8:45pm.

I know I'm rambling about CF a lot here, I'm just so excited. ^_^
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After falling asleep for an hour or so something kinda woke me up. Not sure what it was though >.o

So, have some artz.

Click here to see )
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Someone randomly drew gift art of Radinov on FA!

Drawn by the absolutely smashing drakerogers. :)

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I had an absolutely awesome time in London this weekend. Got to hang out with loads of amazing people and Radinov got to parade around London a little. ^__^

Spent Saturday night at [ profile] orona_red's place, having a criminal amount of fun. <3

Sunday I went with a few other folks to Forbidden Planet, then went back home.

I've also, as of today, started using the satchel I bought while I was in the US. So freaking handy. Current contents of are here )
I'm so impressed that I could get so much into such a little satchel. So full of awesome. :D
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Have some fursuit pics. :)

More under here )
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While I was over at Spunky's on Saturday night, Radinov came out to play.

Click here to see more! )

Enjoy! :)
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For all of three more minutes in England it's still Valentine's Day. So I did the following for Damon. :)

Please excuse the missing apostrophe ¬.¬

For those of you who are in a relationship, Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

For those of you who aren't, don't worry; it's Singles Appreciation Day tomorrow. :)

FC Update

Jan. 25th, 2008 05:14 pm
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We're at the FC hotel now, in room 855.

For those of you who are at FC, don't forget that I'm going to be DJing tonight from 12:15 to 02:00. I'll be doing my usual punk/metal thing.

And lastly, here's a picture from last night. :)

Additional: I'll be busy tonight from 7pm to about 10pm, then I'll be gone from 11:45pm to late.
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Pics of Radinov's head beneath the cut.

Read more... )

EEEE!!!! :D :D
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This weekend I shall mostly be doing stuff with my old XBox. It's been modded, got EvoX as the dashboard, and has XBox Media Center and a few emulators (ZSnexbox, NeoGenesis) installed.

Seeing as I have a few old hard drives lying around (most around the 40/80GB mark) I might as well slap one in and see how it all goes.

NOTE: I only use this XBox for watching movies and listening to music which I access across the network (Samba shares). Adding local space to the XBox means that I can store lots of ROMS on it. :D

I'll probably stick PCSXBox (PlayStation Emulator) on it too. :)

And finally I should have an update on Radinov (Some head shots) come Saturday. :D
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Firstly, for those of you who wanted to see me sans beard, there's a nice big picture under the cut.

Click here to see! )

I also go some awesome news from LV when I got back from the furmeet; Radinov is being made now and she should be ready around the 15th January. I can't wait to see how she turns out. ^_____^


Dec. 5th, 2007 11:23 am
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Tonight I'll be enlisting [ profile] cavebearranting to create a duct tape dummy of myself, which should be interesting. I might also ask him to take pictures. XD

Since I couldn't get ahold of any duct tape we will be using the British alternative; gaffer tape. ;)

This, of course, means that I won't be online until later in the evening, but this needs to be done for Radinov.
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OK, so I wanna comission another picture (or two) of Radinov.

Any suggestions for artists or takers? :)
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In my mind Radinov sounds like Molotov Cocktease from The Venture Bros.

Who am I kidding though? She's more like Xenia Onatopp. ;)


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