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I've actually forgotten how long it has been since I sat down and watched television. I haven't actually owned a television for at least six months, and in all fairness I don't miss it.

Sure I miss the occassional TV show, but there are other ways to watch them than on the TV. I've also stopped reading newspapers, even free ones like the Metro. Interestingly enough I'm now able to see exactly how sensationalist and politically biased newspapers are.

I'd like to ask "What happened to objective and neutral reporting?", and although I think the answer is something along the lines of "We lost it in the 80s/90s", part of me says "There never was any."

My mind is cast back to the recent crisis with Northern Rock which saw almost non-stop media coverage as hundreds, then thousands of people queued to withdraw their money (quite within their rights) at various branches across the UK. The problem was exacerbated by the media coverage and the country realised that "queuing" was synonymous with "PANIC!"

Now that I think about it, part of the Northern Rock thing suddenly seems to me like News creating News. *shivers!*

But anyway, that's enough of my rambling. Let's get some feedback on this. :3

When do you think objective and neutral reporting was replaced by sensationalist and political bullcrap?
What's your opinion of the current TV news channels? Are they sensationalist too?
Is Bill O'Reilly a tard or what?
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OK, so I might actually watch The Red Riding Trilogy on C4 this week.

It's a three part film series based on Dave Pierces quadrilogy of novels about the Yorkshire Ripper. The first film is on Thursday at 9pm on channel 4.

R4nger5 TV

Jun. 6th, 2008 07:00 pm
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Episode Zero of R4nger5 TV is now online. Check it out here or you can watch the embedded version below the cut.

Click here to watch the embedded version )

Enjoy! We're aware that the camera quality is low, but this is more a 'proof of concept' episode. Better content next week! Let us know what you think!

R4nger5 TV

Jun. 5th, 2008 04:17 pm
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[ profile] r4nger5 and I have just finished recording and editing Episode 0 of R4nger5 TV.

It's by no means amazing but it's nice to finally get what we've been wanting to do for a long while done.

It's currently being rendered as I write this and should be finished in about 30 minutes. However we have to leave for work in 10. XD

So all I can say is please bear with us. The show will be uploaded tomorrow.
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The Phoo Action pilot is on tomorrow night, 9pm, BBC3. It's a live-action comedy drama based on a comic strip by Jamie Hewlett the guy behind Tank Girl and Gorillaz (yes, the band).

Fuck yes! :D

I hope someone will be recording and digitising this too. ;)
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I heard today about a question that was on a recent episode of the game show "Are you smarter than a 10 year old?" which made me chuckle.

The question was arithmetic based and is as follows.

"What is 5 + 3 x 0?"

The contestent answered with "Eight".
The children answered with "Zero".

Who's wrong? Well, obviously the contestent is wrong as anything multiplied by zero is zero. 5 + 3 x 1 would equal 8.
But what about the children; was their answer correct? The show's host and researchers certainly thought so.

Surprise, surprise; it wasn't. 5 + 3 x 0 = 5

How does that work, you ask? Simply. In arithmetic multiplication and division are always take precedence except in the case of parenthesis usuage. Hence the sum becomes 5 + ( 3 x 0 ). Three multiplied by zero is zero, and five plus zero equals five. Simple!

If you don't believe me, ask Google! Type in 5 + 3 x 0 (including spaces) and check out the result. :)

Oh, and if you're trying to follow along with a software calculator make sure that it's set to "Scientific". For those of you who have Scientific calculators, make sure that it's set to "Maths" and not "Stun". ;D

The 10 year olds may be smart, but the show's researchers certainly aren't.
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Strange was a really awesome TV series.

Damn you BBC for not making more!
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The work of Shaun Ellis, whose mission to gain an insight into the behaviour of wolves has led him to spend two years rearing three pups and adopting the role of alpha male to teach them how to hunt and kill. The unique knowledge gained from the experience comes in useful when he answers the distress call of a Polish farmer whose animals are being terrorised.

Friday 18th May, Five, 20:00/8pm, WEST.


May. 11th, 2007 05:29 pm
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This weekend I shall be mostly working on the first episode of Zac and I's yet unamed TV show. This will be first collaboration of CavebearTV and I also need to finish off the work on my furry video project.

Furry project: 80% complete
Other project: 70% complete

I hope I can have these finished soon.


Feb. 19th, 2007 10:16 am
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This weekend has been relaxing and constructive at the same time. As said before I went to Zac's place after work on Friday and we spent that evening just relaxing and watching films.

On Saturday Zac and I finally started writing down ideas for our own Internet TV program, which I think is going to be pretty cool when we get the first episode done. Due to Zac and I working completely different shifts we're probably only going to be able to get one episode done every six to eight weeks. I'll post more info regarding it as we move along.

Sunday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, other than playing about with my computer and Adobe Premiere/After Effects, trying to create a title for the above said program.

And now it's Monday, and I'm back in work with the beginnings of a cold.

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There's something quite magical about leaving for work and seeing that frost has attached itself to every available surface outside, glimmering in the sun light, and the waning gibbous moon still quite high in the bright sky.

In Furry TV Doc related news I heard nothing from the media rep last night, so unless I call her again tonight I think it's safe to assume that either she doesn't want/need to talk to me anymore or the doc is not going forward. Considering how anxious she sounded to get this done as quickly as possible I'm a bit dubious as to her motives now.

With regards to my room I've finalised the floor plan now; I know exactly where everything will go, and as soon as I fit the curtain rail and move the desk/computer I'm getting Gentoo up and running, no doubt about it. I'm really not a Dual-Boot fan as it seems such a waste of time to have to boot into another OS just to do something else, but when I get my laptop in three weeks time I might start using that as my Windows box and go completely Linux with my main one.


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