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Well it's the weekend, it's payday, and it's also the opening day of George A. Romero's new zombie flick, Land of the Dead, of which I will be going to see straight from work this evening! Nothing like a good zombie movie to start the weekend. ;)

I'll be getting the games I mentioned yesterday (namely Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, Dawn of War: Winter Assault, and Sniper: Elite) on my lunch break today and will probably try and play them a lot over the weekend.

And lastly the VLF Mirror will soon be up and running. :D

I'll probably post something more substantial later, as it's busy right now. x_x
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Yes it's Friday today, which means it's almost weekend time! *dance*

I'm a lot happier now, my mother's doing really well and I'm gonna spend most of tomorrow with her shopping and stuff. Saturday night I should get some fursuiting done at [ profile] foxb's, and Sunday will be chill time with [ profile] wolfarlis. :)

What did I do last night? HL2! I'm out of Nova Prospekt now and back in City 17 in the chapter "Anticitizen One", which aside from the numerous amount of Man-Hacks flying around and the "lake" of toxic waste (which the zombie's seem immune to) is a really fun chapter. I reckon I'll have it finished either tonight or later this weekend. :>

Oh yes...


That's all for now, more later!
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S'up kids?

VLF is now on iTunes!

Don't believe me? )

So now you can have VLF goodness downloaded straight to <a href=">iTunes</a> every other Sunday morning!
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The drunken bastard lovechild of 2Sense returns!!!
Image cut )
Midnight Sunday London time
Saturday 7pm EST, 6pm Central

News, Interviews and Booze.
Furry talk radio; by furries, for fu... whoever decides to listen :P

We had a great turn out for our first show, almost maxing out one of our servers at first broadcast.
This time we WILL be on time! Stronger, faster, better than before.
Be there!


Aug. 30th, 2005 12:07 pm
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I wonder if anyone's thought of a Livejournal Opera? I mean, there's more than enough drama going around LJ as it is. In fact I'm sure there's more drama than Jerry Springer. x.x

In other news I won't be on the second VLF show this weekend as I'll be at Fireball Squadron's airsoft site. I will be at the third show, weekend 17th September, as I'll be in London anyway to see Mindless Self Indulgence with [ profile] sphelx.

Last night

Aug. 25th, 2005 09:50 am
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So last night was spent mostly alternating between Guild Wars and Battlefield 2. I have to say that I am very impressed with Battlefield 2, it's a lot more fun than Battlefield 1942 was, that and I prefer contemporary games over historical ones.

Guild Wars made me smile last night, I'm now able to play it with the graphics settings up full at 1600x1200. It's quite yummy like that. :>

I'm gonna try upping the graphics on Planetside tonight and then go kill stuff, see if I still like it (hint[ profile] jacelhint). After that I'll probably go on Guild Wars again, maybe go questing with [ profile] schnee for a bit. :)

In other news it's the York NorthernFurs this weekend, so I'll be bouncing around there again. I'll also be recording short interviews for VLF's next show (which is the weekend after, folks), so watch me running around with a dictation machine. ;>
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This weekend past was fun, but overall it was too busy.

I was down at [ profile] gareth_rehal's on Friday night, along with [ profile] sphelx, to record VLF's first show. Despite the complications I've heard mostly good praise from the show, with a few pieces of constructive criticism here and there.

[ profile] gareth_rehal "It's just 17 hours late, it's still good!"

So after we uploaded the show on Saturday [ profile] sphelx and I headed off back home as we just happened to be going the same way back. Upon reaching Kings X, I saw what a huge surprise I was in for. GNER in it's infinite wisdom decided that during the summer the last train to Leeds on Saturday will be at 20:30 whereas the rest of the week(including Sundays) the last train is at 22:30, and as I'd arrived at 21:00 I was stuck. Luckily [ profile] orona_red came to my rescue and I stayed at his place overnight.

Unfortunately this threw my plans for Sunday out of alignment and I got back home at around 1pm aching all over and too tired to do anything majorly constructive. Later that afternoon [ profile] wolfarlis popped over and we went for a quick drive and then to see [ profile] avon_deer and [ profile] rustyfox. [ profile] foxbrush was there too!

[ profile] phoenicia has invited me into a PBE game of his, which I'm looking forward to quite a lot. :>

Anyway, it's work today. More updates later if I've got anything to say.
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For those who missed the live broadcast of VLF's 1st show, you can download it here! Be warned, it's 19mb.

Each show will be recorded and distributed as a download as well as a being played live. We have an RSS feed [ profile] vlf_rss too! :D
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So I didn't get around to decomissioning Shodan last night, chores got in the way and then for some unknown reason certain websites were refusing to load. Seeing as I was to do a netinstall of Debian I decided not to run the risk of being unable to download the necessary files.
Waking this morning I found that the same problem was still there, which has put a dampener on things for this evening but hopefully not too much.

Speaking of this evening my four hour plus journey to [ profile] gareth_rehal's starts at 18:30, meaning I get there at nearly 23:00. x_x
It's gonna be worth it though, the project that originally started out as VLF has matured into FBC, VLF now being used for the 2 Sense style show that [ profile] gareth_rehal and [ profile] sphelx will be hosting.

12am Saturday (BST/UTC+1)
7pm Friday EST
6pm Friday CST
5pm Friday MST
4pm Friday PST

Show #1
Duration 1hour (approx!)
The show will be pre-recorded, and then broadcast through a live stream on the FBC network (Visit the FBC for more info!)

The show will be available for download at a later date, as well as being re-streamed.
There will be a LIVE chat room featuring Sphlex and Garr and Thalyi as well!
Look out for #VLF on the FurnetIRC servers

Hope to see you all there!


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