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It seems like yesterday was the day for the shops to get the Halloween stock out. On my way back home, after a drink with [ profile] diegoliger I had swung by Sainsbury's to pick up some milk and cocoa. The whole of the seasonal isle was Halloween related!

And then today, I went to Greggs and saw that they have the Halloween themed cakes and biscuits on sale, including gingerbread werewolves. XD

o/~ It's the most horrific time of the year o/~

I should start preparing for Samhain. As I'll be in the states when it takes place, I shall have to get a small kit together.
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I've brought my lodestone to work with me today. Iffriel told me that they can help reduce depression if used correctly, and I want to try this out. Up to now it seems to be working. :)

I've also brought my wand, tarot deck, and Book of Shadows with me. I intend to scribe some notes into it from the books that [ profile] gareth_rehal lent me.

I did have an interesting conversation with Iffriel on Friday regarding Psychological Egoism. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, and find it quite plausable. I'm glad that I can actually talk to Iffriel about this stuff.


Sep. 9th, 2005 04:58 pm
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Just an hour until it's the weekend for me! *dance* I've decided that I'm going to finish Half Life 2 TONIGHT which will leave the remainder of my spare time for Guild Wars and Battlefield 2, maybe do a little website work too.

Music wise I've been listening to Clannd and Enya a lot after buying "Lore" (Clannad) and "Paint the Sky with Stars" (Enya). I've always liked this style of music and it's plainly obvious that Enya has drawn on what she learnt in Clannad.
Of all the songs I've been listening to, I've found Enya's "Boadicea" and Clannad's "Croi Croga" particularly moving. It's not often that songs give me goosebumps, but these two tracks really play with me.
I've said it before, but it bears repeating, music means a lot to me. Too bad that I've got no natural rhythm...

I'm gonna start on a little Hallowe'en project soon. Hallowe'en's really the only event of the year I truly enjoy, everything else pales in comparison. There's something about it that seems more real and magical than any other event in the year and it makes me feel content deep inside. This year I'm gonna prepare everything in advance and I'll have a little Wiccan celebration too. :)

Lastly there's only four more months (18 weeks) until I fly out to Portland to see the PDX crew for a week, then on to FC to spend a week with [ profile] dark_fang and [ profile] ysengrin. I'm really looking forward to those three weeks on the eastWEST side of America, it'll be great to see all my friends again. :)

I think that's enough rambling for now. Laters!

Last night

Aug. 18th, 2005 10:11 am
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So I went to the Leeds Pagan Moot last night. It was as informal as I had expected it to be, which was reassuring, and there were some really good discussions. Unfortunately I'm still feeling none the wiser about Wicca/Paganism, so methinks it's time I started looking for books to read about the subject.

As for the personal question "Am I Wicca/Pagan?", I can't answer that yet. I still need to learn a lot more about the basic faith before I can make a full decision, right now I'm just an interested person. :)
Having said that the typical "This is me" things have been happening, like many coincidences relating to Wicca/Pagan happening in a very short space of time.

All in all this requires more study before I can make a decision, but what I have seen/read has only really whet my appetite. :9

Due to attending the moot, however, I was unable to decomission Shodan. I'll do that tonight around the other chores I need to do (laundry, dishes, etc). What follows is a step-by-step guide to what I'll do. Click here to read )

More later!
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Thanks to [ profile] cloneboy I've got in contact with a Wiccan at work, and she's coaxed me into attending a Wiccan/Pagan moot in Leeds tonight! :D

To coin a phrase from [ profile] noble_reloaded; I HAVE YAY! ^_^
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For a while now I've had an interest in Wicca/Paganism, and I just found out today that Wakefield has it's own Pagan Moot each month!
From what people have told me Wicca might be something worth looking into, so I've decided to attend the moot to ask a few questions and see what I can learn. Hopefully they'll be able to answer a good few of my questions. :)

The moot's just under three weeks away. I'll report on it afterwards. :)

In other news, Shodan will power down tonight for good. She's been a good gateway/firewall but she's way too big and fecking loud, so I'm going to replace her with my Mini-ITX machine KITT. He'll sit atop her until I've gotten her sold off (hmm, eBay?).
This does mean that I won't be online much this evening, as all my energy will go into getting KITT up and running, and fine-tuning the firewall.


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