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I've finally got Elite Beat Agents.

This is so much fun it's unreal. ^.^


Jul. 8th, 2008 06:56 pm
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I started playing Diablo II yesterday.

That game is full of win. I'd forgotten how awesome it is. <3
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I love Japanese video games, sometimes just because of the awesome names they have.

Like the SNES (pronounced "Snez" in Britain) Gourmet Sentai - Bara Yarou.

I have no idea what "Bara Yarou" means (if anyone can translate that, I would appreciate it. :) ), but "Sentai" is the japanese word for a military unit, but can be literally translated as "task force", "group" or "wing". Gourmet is the french word for someone with a sensitive and discriminating palate, who is knowledgeable in haute cuisine.

So essentially the title translates as "Good Food Squad"!

The game is a side-scrolling beat-em-up. When you kill an enemy it drops food. At the end of a stage a chef cooks you a meal using two of the food items that the player collected!

This is why I love Japanese games. XD
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Half-Life 2 running under Linux (thanks to Cedega) works just as well as it does under Windows XP.

Take that, Microshaft! :P
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Ez2Dancer icon!

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Guitar Hero II, despite being frustrating at times, is an amazingly fun game. :D

[ profile] wolfos has loaned it to me for a little while (including the controller) and although I've only had the chance to play it twice this week I'm really enjoying it. I'm still on Easy mode right now as I've not yet got the hang of using four fret buttons (easy mode has three), but the awesome training mode is helping me out a lot. :D

I'm definately looking forward to the XBox 360 version with the (apparently) wireless controller. :D
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My current favourite jet fighters are the Su-47 Berkut (NATO reporting name 'Firkin') and the F-15 ACTIVE.

Thrust vectoring FTW. :D

And yes, I have been playing a little too much of Ace Combat 4 and Ace Combat 5 recently. ^^
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An open letter to Uwe Boll.

Dear Mr Boll,

I emplore you for the sake of gamers and cinema goers the world over to stop making films. Every single film you have made sucks on a gigantic level, and your current obsession of making films based on video games beyond forgiveable.

We don't care if Hollywood likes you because you'll make five or six films at a time, because all we care about is the sanctity of our games and minds.

In closure, stop making films.


Graafen Blackpaw / Thalyi E. Wolfe.
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So I've been trying out some Half Life 2 Mods recently, of which the following three have impressed me quite a bit.

Garry's Mod: You probably know about this anyway. I finally got around to downloading and playing with it last night. It's quite fun to mess around with, and [ profile] jacel wasn't surprised when I made an Overwatch guard hump Barney (picture coming later).

Half Life 2: Substance: This is probably one of the most novel ways of rehashing Half Life 2, merging Half Life 2 with Metal Gear Solid. To start off all the difficulty levels are WAY harder than any of those in Half Life 2, but that's balanced by the HEV forms. In essence Gordon can switch between his own form and that of four others taken directly from Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Big Boss and Gray Fox (who has to be unlocked first) each with special abilities and weapons.
Even though it's damn hard to play and has some of the more freakier enemies which were in Half Life (Eye Hound, Bull Squid) I still love the idea of this mod.

GoldenEye:Source: GoldenEye 007 for the N64 was one of my favourite multiplayer games of all time, and to see it being faithfully recreated in Source is just brilliant. At the moment it's still in Alpha, which is obvious due to the lack of weapons and some levels not working correctly, but it's still uber nostaligic.

I'm very impressed with all of the above and can't wait to see how GoldenEye:Source progresses.
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I've got the measurements sent off to [ profile] noble_reloaded last night, so all that remains now is the rest of the monies for it and then wait for FC! ^_^

Since upgrading my machine I decided to get back on MxO and to my surprise I found that the game is now part of SOE's Station (as of yesterday). This I do not like, mostly because I've had trouble with Station's tech support in the past and the Global Collect service. I better not get any fuck ups this time. >:|

Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2 are the next games on my aquisition list. :>


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