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Unfortunately the Mil-Force Utility Pouch I ordered from Zero One Airsoft doesn't have a leg strap. Fair play it's only there for VisRep (visual representation) but I'd still prefer for it to look right.

To fix this I'm going to butcher a spare shoulder strap that I have lying around and attach a plastic buckle to each end, then I'll attach it to the pouch. The strap will wrap around my leg and keep the pouch in place and prevent it from flopping about in a rather silly fashion.

Once my LAPD SWAT uniform is ready I'll get some pictures taken for all you folks who are interested. Thankfully my ugly mug will be hidden behind a balaclava too. :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, new icon.
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Another picture post here, this time cut for... well it'll become obvious when you see it. XD

It is SFW.

Scary?! )
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Woo! My new SWAT patches arrived today. :D

Now all I need is my navy blue boiler suit to finish off the uniform. :)
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Turns out that the company I ordered my new kit from (Zero One Airsoft) didn't have the WE 1911 Full Metal GBB pistol in stock. They've got it on order now but it'll be a couple of weeks until it arrives and they're gonna try and get it out to me in time for Proteus Camp.

In the meantime though everything else is on it's way and should be here for Friday! :D

I also ordered a blue British Army boiler suit as the next to last piece needed. The only things I need to get now are two blue LAPD SWAT patches.
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Looks like I'll be carting myself down to Proteus Camp on the 22nd July to be an LAPD SWAT team member alongside [ profile] murries and possibly a couple of others.

This will be the first test for most of my new kit and the first outing for my LAPD SWAT loadout. Hopefully we'll get some decent pictures taken as well. :)
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Trying to find blue LAPD SWAT patches online is proving quite tasking.
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- Mil-Force Knee Pad set.
- Mil-Force Elbow Pad set.
- Mil-Force SWAT patch.
- Mil-Force Large Half-Finger SWAT Gloves.
- Mil-Force SWAT Helmet.
- Mil-Force Black Coiled Pistol Lanyard.
- Tokyo Marui 3-Point Tactical Sling System
- Mil-Force Black Standard Pistol Thigh Holster
- Mil-Force Black Dump Pouch
- Guarder Protection Glasses 2007 Version
- WE M1911 Full Metal Magazine x2
- WE M1911 Full Metal Version

Phwoar. :3
All I need now are some blue BDUs, two blue LAPD SWAT patches, and some black ankle length boots. Then my LAPD SWAT uniform will be ready! :D


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