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As promised I shall be going to a LondonFurs Meet this month. It wont be the meet this weekend as I'm working; it'll be the one right at the end of the month. I'll be dragging [ profile] jennavixen along too.

Woo. :D
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Oh man, where does time go?

Generally things are going OK. Working OOH is good. As expected I'm really not in the mood to do anything whilst I'm working, which is only understandable considering the 12hr shifts. The weeks off (one out of every three) are a $DEITY send; I've really been able to crack on with stuff during them.

For example: [ profile] r4nger5 and I have been able to get the pilot episode of R4nger5 TV done and online. We haven't got as much feedback as we had expected but I suppose that's not surprising consider that it is a pilot.


$DEITY'S-SON, I really want to go fursuiting. The last two times I've been fursuiting this year have been the LF meet at the end of March and when [ profile] frost_t_wolf and [ profile] shivonhusky came over. Fursuiting nao plz. XD
Ah well, CF is just around the corner. :)


Skindred has been filling my ears with awesome recently. <3


I am so missing the LondonFurs furmeets. I really wish I could go, but every single LF meet falls on a day when I am working, and with ConFuzzled and EuroFurence taking up my holiday allowance for the rest of the year I can see it being next year when I get to attend an LF meet.

Does anyone know if there's anything planned to happen with furs in London that falls on the weekend before the tri-weekly meets?


I really want to get into running a weekly Pen and Paper RPG once I move into my own place in Leeds, but I'm actually having trouble finding a group to join. I probably just need to find a group of people I can game comfortably with and just invite them over. Or maybe something can be done via Skype... *ponderponder*


OMG Damon's moving soon! *dance* ^_^

And that's it for this post really.
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I had an absolutely awesome time in London this weekend. Got to hang out with loads of amazing people and Radinov got to parade around London a little. ^__^

Spent Saturday night at [ profile] orona_red's place, having a criminal amount of fun. <3

Sunday I went with a few other folks to Forbidden Planet, then went back home.

I've also, as of today, started using the satchel I bought while I was in the US. So freaking handy. Current contents of are here )
I'm so impressed that I could get so much into such a little satchel. So full of awesome. :D
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OK, ConFuzzled, EuroFurence and RBW are on for definite.

However I can also confirm that this weekend will be the last London Furmeet I go to for the rest of the year, there's no way that I can make any others. Every single LF meet unfortunately lands on the weekend where I work my day shift.

Northern Furmeets are another story though; I'll be at some and will have to miss others. I will be able to make the NF meets in July, September and November. June and August are maybes.

This work shift may be messing up my furry social life but in the end it's more money, which I need for when Damon moves here.
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1) The Beard is no more! Shaved it off today. :D
2) I'll be at the Sheffield furmeet tomorrow. :D

That is all. ^_^


Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:05 am
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Wow, what a weekend.

On Saturday I went to the Sheffield Furmeet with [ profile] greyscar. The furmeet was great! I saw loadsa awesome people I hadn't seen in a while. We also had Nando's in the afternoon. :9

In the evening I went to Hull to spend sometime with [ profile] foxb, [ profile] wolfpawz, and [ profile] orona_red. Cue a much awesome evening of drinking and hilarity!

Sunday was spent getting up late, having lunch at Chiquito's, spending an age getting back to Wakefield, and then installing Ubuntu on my lappy whilst watching Snatch.

Busy but fun. :)
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The London Furmeet was on Saturday just gone. I had originally planned to get up at 5am to finish off a few things before heading to Sheffield and then down to London. Unfortunately I overslept and ended up getting the 10:40 train to London.

It was about 1pm when I got into Kings Cross and by about 1:30pm I was at the meet venue, the Theodoreb Bullfrog. I saw [ profile] shep_shepard, looking as sharp as usual, having a pint outside. He informed me that we would have the whole pub to ourselves, which was very much needed considering how many people turned up!

As usual I spent most of my time running around like a headless chicken, trying to spend time with as many people as possible as well as get some fursuiting in.

Later on that evening we headed for the boat and despite some initial concerns about getting our bags on (which had the fursuits in) we managed to get on OK. I have to admit that standing out on the sun deck in fursuit with the wind blowing through my fur was such a wonderful experience.

At about 9pm [ profile] 2_gryphon did his stand-up thang, which was hilarious! I must remember to go to more of his shows. After the boat re-docked at the pier [ profile] 2_gryphon, [ profile] rapidofrog, [ profile] gareth_rehal and I headed back to the hotel we were staying at near ExCel. After going out for a take-away, Garr and I went to sleep as we were drunk and tired.

Sunday was a late start too, but an overall relaxing day (except for carting two large bags around London). I managed to have a little time speaking to 2 as well whilst Garr was getting our breakfast/lunch from Burger King. We went to Westminster to see Parliament and the Giant Time Needle and then onto Trafalgar Square where we had a quick drink before heading back to Charing Cross.

More time was spent in a pub where the other furs where. I settled down with a bottle of Reef and started talking to [ profile] matraklirahn and two other really nice furs (I don't think I got their names) about Metal for a long time before I decided to head back home.

Overall that was a much needed weekend which I am bloody glad of! I could do with more of those. :)

I'm glad for having spoken to everyone I wanted to, even if it was for a few fleeting moments. Thanks go out to all of you who were there for being awesome. :3
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Wow, what a weekend. I really needed that.

Saturday was the meet, where we fursuited, and afterwards we hit Bodean's (a barbeque restaurant) then the Troc and then Namco.

I'm too lazy to write anymore than that. I'll let my video do the talking later on.

I do want to give thanks to everyone I saw over the weekend, and to [ profile] wolfpawz for being awesome.
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The LF meet rocked and the trip to Torture Garden was amazingly awesome! It was great to be at a nightclub in fursuit and lots of people thought we were awesome too, so much that [ profile] greyscar pulled no less than three times! The TG staff have even invited us to come whenever we want. :D
Some of the people who didn't come were worried about the level of smoke there, which there was a decent amount, but a liberal application of Febreeze has completely removed the smokey smell from both my fursuits, so no problems there. :)

All in all a great Saturday, but next time methinks we'll skip most of the LF meet in favour of having enough energy to last until 6am, instead of 4am.

On a different note I found out yesterday that British Marlboro Lights are stronger than American Marlboro Lights. x_x

Aaand that's it for now.
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Today is Friday. Later this evening [ profile] greyscar and I will be driving on down to London for the meet and for Torture Garden, which is now up to SIX fursuiters! :D

So yes, much weekend excitement!

Last night I got up to Chapter 4-3 in Resident Evil 4. As I'm only in work until 1pm today I'll probably try and play it a little more before [ profile] greyscar picks me up later in the evening. It would be nice to finish the game and start on the second attempt at it (mostly to find things that I missed the first time around).

I'll try and make an update this evening, but if not it'll be Monday.
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I had written a really awesome post here, but due to problems between here and LJ it was lost, and as I can't remember exactly how I wrote it you'll be getting the condensed version.

Last night I got in at around 20:30 and after playing Resident Evil 4 I gave [ profile] ysengrin a call regarding a couple of things, after which I got back to working on the website I've been working on recently. At around 23:30 I settled down for bed and went to sleep at around 01:30. My body doesn't seem to have adjusted to the late shift completely, but it's still very grateful to be waking up at 09:30 instead of 07:30

I'm really looking forward to the trip to London this weekend with [ profile] wolfarlis for the LF meet and Torture Garden, as well as meeting up with [ profile] foxb, [ profile] ookami_sprite, [ profile] gareth_rehal and [ profile] sphelx. I'll probably spend most of the night at the bar though as I'm very self-concious about my dancing, moshing(video, 25MB) is about all I can do.

And that's it for now. Laters!


Sep. 27th, 2005 09:05 am
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It's Tuesday and I'm feeling quite tired, but this is most likely due to the fact that I've caught a goddamn cold and I'm coughing and sneezing every few seconds. It seems that I am not the only one either, as quite a few of my work colleagues have a cold too. x_x

DoD:Source was released last night (whilst I was asleep, no less) so I'll probably try it out tonight along with getting some time into BF2 and possibly Guild Wars.

In other news I'm looking through prospective pubs and bars for the Leeds furmeet, trying to find one that has a private function room for us to use. The daft thing is that I know of loads of places in Wakefield that would do, but none in Leeds. ;)

More later.

EDIT: Trust there to be a Leeds United match on the day of the Leeds meet. x_x
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Eight hours until the MSI concert. Man, I am fucking excited to hell and back! :D


[Edit] I'll be going to the LF meet tomorrow, so I won't be back until tomorrow night. :)

Last night

Aug. 25th, 2005 09:50 am
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So last night was spent mostly alternating between Guild Wars and Battlefield 2. I have to say that I am very impressed with Battlefield 2, it's a lot more fun than Battlefield 1942 was, that and I prefer contemporary games over historical ones.

Guild Wars made me smile last night, I'm now able to play it with the graphics settings up full at 1600x1200. It's quite yummy like that. :>

I'm gonna try upping the graphics on Planetside tonight and then go kill stuff, see if I still like it (hint[ profile] jacelhint). After that I'll probably go on Guild Wars again, maybe go questing with [ profile] schnee for a bit. :)

In other news it's the York NorthernFurs this weekend, so I'll be bouncing around there again. I'll also be recording short interviews for VLF's next show (which is the weekend after, folks), so watch me running around with a dictation machine. ;>


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