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Today I read an article on the BBC News website regarding the website Your Freedom created by the coalition Conservative and Liberal Democrat government.

The website's aim is as follows, taken from the about page.

"This website is designed to allow as many people in the UK as possible to put forward their ideas on what laws and regulations we should do away with. Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, along with the rest of the Coalition Government, invite you to collaborate on ideas for freedom and change."

The go on to mention this this dialogue will focus on three areas;
  • restoring civil liberties

  • repealing unnecessary laws

  • cutting business and third sector regulations

Most of the proposed "ideas" I have read on the site have range from ludicrously off topic, like the ones about rethinking council taxes, to the wonderful; repeal of smoking ban, repeal of digital economy bill, change to copyright law, legalisation of cannabis, etc.

What has astounded me about the BBC article is that right at the bottom there is a section that reads "Critical Comments". There Ian Clerehugh, of Sheffield says something that I find rather idiotic:

"Personally I think this is passing the buck. Do we or do we not elect our MPs to make these decisions on our behalf? Come on Nick Clegg, do the job that you are elected to do!"

Methinks, Ian, that you really need to re-examine what democracy is. Sure what we have can be considered a representative democracy, but for years the public has been crying out in fury at how the Labour government was ignoring them. There were mass protests, heated debates, and some of the worst infringements of our freedoms and liberties in as long as I can remember.
Nick Clegg and David Cameron are asking us what we want to change as opposed to telling us what is going to change. This is acting in the interests of the people.

That is democracy too and it is also progress.
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You know that law that affects furry cub porn? I've got one thing to say about it.

If you don't like it, VOTE.

See you at the elections.

P.S. I'm neither for or against this law. I may not like cub porn but I do not have the right to prevent the freedom of expression, and that's all I'm going to say about that.
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I would seriously encourage every single person who is able to vote in the upcoming general election to visit Vote For Policies and complete the survey.

The results will highlight who you should vote for based upon your responses to the policies each party provides.

Give it some thought.
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I may not agree with some of the views/policy of the Conservative Party, but I will say one thing: Daniel Hannan definitely has the Gift of the Gab. Anyone who compares the the Labour Party to "the closing scenes of The Terminator" is cool.


Jun. 4th, 2009 09:54 pm
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So yeah, I went out and voted today. I'm not gonna say who I voted for, as I'd like to see who'd be able to guess. ;)

Aside from that I spent a few hours doing some video editing for random projects (nothing I'll be showing, though) and finished up a project for [ profile] avagdu.

And finally that video that was shown at the start of the ConFuzzled Art Auction, the ConFuzzled 2010 Preview, was done by me (under my video/film moniker "Vollmond Media") with the help of [ profile] frost_t_wolf, [ profile] exiledwolf, [ profile] calihusky, and the CF staff on the forum.

The intro footage from CF2008 was kindly donated by [ profile] balto_mike.

Check it here if you haven't already seen it:
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As if my contempt for the Labour Party couldn't be any more, I just got a phone call.

It was a recorded message, reminding me to vote tomorrow. It was Elizabeth Dawn (AKA Vera Duckworth) calling on behalf of Labour.

Now I hate cold calls, and I especially hate ones that are recorded messages. What a waste of my bloody time.
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Knowing all that I cannot see any logical reason to use Facebook at all.
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I'm just gonna leave all the political stuff out of my LJ from now on.

There's no need for me to comment on it at all here, as I do that on the radio show that I co-host with V over at [ profile] r4nger5. We've got at least 100 listeners (but that might be a massively conservative estimate) that do provide us with feedback.

But mostly it's because I've come to the realisation that I'm no longer able to articulate myself effectively via a blog. I write things that, at my first glance, seem to be water-tight and solid but later appear as they actually are, flawed and full of holes.

When talking on the radio show I don't have that, I'm able to get my arguements and comments out without any problems.

Of course I'll still be updating my LJ with incidental stuff about my life, but there'll be no more political stuff. If you do want to hear what I have to say about that then head on over to [ profile] r4nger5 and listen to the shows.
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I signed that Road Tax Petition. What follows is the PM's response.

Email from the PM! )

That just reads like spin.


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