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Today is turning out to be wonderfully long</sarcasm>. I'm looking forward to getting home to my nice warm bed. ^.^

In other news I've been thinking about something that I discussed with Cheetah on the last day of RBW. I've already spoken to CaliHusky about it but I also want to speak to Miyabi, Kittiah, and Tryst about it too.

Tomorrow I'm probably gonna be at home all day, so I'll take advantage of the time to play around with Traktor Pro some. I might have a new test mix to upload too.

Speaking of mixes, did anybody listen to the one I uploaded the other day? :P

Hello Sun!

Nov. 17th, 2008 06:55 am
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Ahhh, Monday morning. I'd still be in bed if it wasn't for training today. ¬.¬
Thankfully it should only be until 2pm.

Overall I'm feeling a little less stressed out today. Tomorrow we've got the rental agency coming around to "inspect" the place, so another early morning for me. XD

Wednesday is a day of leisure and then I'm back in work, on nights, Thursday through to Sunday. Payday is Friday. :D

RBW is in about 11 days time. :D

Work today

Sep. 13th, 2008 06:18 am
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Just woke up to get ready for work. As usual with my weekend day shift I'm working 8am until 8pm.
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Damon's plane should be touching down in the UK in less than 30 hours; the excitement is building. :3

Friday is gonna be busy for us, what with us moving in on that day too and also with a trip into Leeds city centre (including a meal at Nandos) for some essentials.

The really interesting (from my perspective) thing is that this will be the first place that I'm actually renting, as I've been living with friends and family prior to this.

As mentioned before we probably wont have Internet access for a couple of weeks due to the usual crappy timescales that broadband connections take in the UK.

In work news we've been moved up in the world, literally. Yes our team has been moved to the third floor instead of the first. Whilst this makes absolutely no difference to the job we do it does mean that we have had a say in how we would like our desks set up. I feel a lot more comfortable here, especially as I have an actual desk as opposed to a carosel.
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In an hour I'll have finished yet another two weeks of work, which means that today is the start of one week of non-work. :)

For this week [ profile] r4nger5 and I have planned to finish off Episode One of R4nger5 TV, do some geeky/techy stuff, and I'm possibly going to do some shopping for when I move out into my new place.

I'd also like to provide some updates to a few things (mostly because working 12hr shifts kinda fries my short-term memory x_x); [ profile] damonblackpaw and I have been talking and we've decided that he's gonna move to the UK on the 21st of August, not the 1st of September as originally planned. This means that we'll both be flying from Manchester Airport to EF. :)

Also, Damon and I have set a day for the registration of our civil union; the 18th October (Saturday). I'll be sending out invitations sooner or later (but definitely before EF). We're both hoping that Damon's parents will be able to come over for it; and my parents (Mum and step-Dad, Dad and step-Mum) will be there too.
All in all it will be a small affair and we're hoping to get registered in the same place where we will have the reception. :)

Finally I'm going to open up the floor here. If you would like to come to the reception (and can make it) on the 18th October then either send me an email or leave a comment here. Please don't tell me on IM as I'll probably forget; emails or comments are best. :)
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At work we've all agreed that "Aliens" should be required, by law, in ever office for Out of Hours viewing. ;)

The Trilogy should be "suggested" viewing, but not Ressurection.

"How did watching Alien Ressurection make you feel?"
"It made me wanna drown things!"
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Oh man, where does time go?

Generally things are going OK. Working OOH is good. As expected I'm really not in the mood to do anything whilst I'm working, which is only understandable considering the 12hr shifts. The weeks off (one out of every three) are a $DEITY send; I've really been able to crack on with stuff during them.

For example: [ profile] r4nger5 and I have been able to get the pilot episode of R4nger5 TV done and online. We haven't got as much feedback as we had expected but I suppose that's not surprising consider that it is a pilot.


$DEITY'S-SON, I really want to go fursuiting. The last two times I've been fursuiting this year have been the LF meet at the end of March and when [ profile] frost_t_wolf and [ profile] shivonhusky came over. Fursuiting nao plz. XD
Ah well, CF is just around the corner. :)


Skindred has been filling my ears with awesome recently. <3


I am so missing the LondonFurs furmeets. I really wish I could go, but every single LF meet falls on a day when I am working, and with ConFuzzled and EuroFurence taking up my holiday allowance for the rest of the year I can see it being next year when I get to attend an LF meet.

Does anyone know if there's anything planned to happen with furs in London that falls on the weekend before the tri-weekly meets?


I really want to get into running a weekly Pen and Paper RPG once I move into my own place in Leeds, but I'm actually having trouble finding a group to join. I probably just need to find a group of people I can game comfortably with and just invite them over. Or maybe something can be done via Skype... *ponderponder*


OMG Damon's moving soon! *dance* ^_^

And that's it for this post really.
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20 MiniDV tapes, unopened, for £20.

Booyah! :D

Also; Skips are not aerodynamic. *nod*


Apr. 28th, 2008 06:58 am
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I've almost finished my last four night-shifts of my shift rotation and now I have a week off to recuperate for when the rotation starts again. :)

Today I'm going to be relaxing and tomorrow thru Thursday I'll be doing some spring cleaning, then a little more relaxation (with some Blender1 and WoWage).

1 - I decided to play around with Blender tonight. I'll make a post with the outcome later on today.
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Wow. Has it really been over a week since I last made an update here?

Lots of blah and Hobbldey-Hoy )

Also bad news with the whole BritFur thing tomorrow; working the night shift means no Lupus Ex Machina.
This will only happen once every three weeks (this was discussed with Axle prior to me starting) and tomorrow is my Friday night in work. Sorry guys, work comes first.

Coming back to [ profile] damonblackpaw and myself, today is our 2nd anniversary. :D

Aaaand that's all I can think to write at this moment. Oh yeah, I showed [ profile] r4nger5 Death To Smoochy last night, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


Apr. 16th, 2008 03:26 pm
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Just wanted to mention that if you want to IM me at work then it'll have to be via MSN as it's the only messenger I can get on.

Having said that I'll probably be busy, but I will get back to you when I can. XD

My MSN id is on my userinfo page.
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I've been at work for about an hour now; my first night on this new team.
It's going good. :)

Last Day

Apr. 11th, 2008 04:51 pm
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Today's my last day on my current contract, as on Monday I'll be starting on the Out of Hours team.

I'll be starting there at 6:30pm on Monday (14th April). You can find more details about my shift rotas here (HTML, iCal, and XML format).

This means that Sunday night/morning will most consist of me staying up until stupid o'clock to get into the sleeping pattern. ;)
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OK, ConFuzzled, EuroFurence and RBW are on for definite.

However I can also confirm that this weekend will be the last London Furmeet I go to for the rest of the year, there's no way that I can make any others. Every single LF meet unfortunately lands on the weekend where I work my day shift.

Northern Furmeets are another story though; I'll be at some and will have to miss others. I will be able to make the NF meets in July, September and November. June and August are maybes.

This work shift may be messing up my furry social life but in the end it's more money, which I need for when Damon moves here.
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Firstly, my shift rota (starts 14th April 2008):   

Oh crap.

Assuming that I've got my shift rota for OOH right (should be the same as V's), I'm actually going to be bloody working when ConFuzzled and EuroFurence roll around. Cock shit.

Surprisingly enough I'll actually be off work when RBW takes place. At least I don't have one con to worry about.

No don't worry, I'm going to be trying my hardest to at least get CF off of work. I'll see about working someone else's shift for a week to offset taking off a couple in one go. However EF might be more difficult; I may have to conceed on the awesome road trip and take a plane instead. Shema, I'll let you know as soon as I can as to whether I'm OK with the dates or not.

Hopefully things won't be too bad. I only hope that FC doesn't fall on some of my work days too.

Ah well, work is work. I'll work something out.

EDIT: Oh, I also need to mention this too. Due to the recursive three week nature of the LondonFur meets the fall smack bang on the weekends which I work. Sucks, I know.

So this means that the next LondonFur meet will be my last one for the foreseeable future. Sorry folks. :/
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I got it. :D

I start on the Out of Hours position in about four weeks time. I don't know my shift rota just yet, but as soon as I find out I'll be posting it online for all to see. Essentially I'll be working almost two weeks on the go (with a day off here and there) and then a full seven days off before I go back to work.

My mood? Ecstatic. :D
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Remember that interview I went to? Well I've got a follow-on interview tomorrow where I shall find out whether I have the job or not. :$

Expect an update between 4pm and 5pm (1600-1700 GMT) tomorrow.
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Well that went better than I expected; I was confident the whole way though and I'm sure that I made the right impression.

More info on this next week. :)
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Or not so, as the case may be.

I only went and bought a shirt that was one size too small. Cue me walking around work wearing a very tight shirt. x_x

Interview for the Out of Hours job starts in 10 minutes. One is shitting bricks. o.o

At work...

Dec. 19th, 2007 12:31 pm
graafen: (Default) just happened. :D


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