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Presenting Boswell, being his usual emogoth self at FC2006. Picture courtesy of Kyreeth.

I enjoy being that skunk. He's such a fun character. :D
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It's finally the end of the week! *dances*

Boswell will be paid for completely today and [ profile] noble_reloaded is going to send him tomorrow, which means that I should have him in about six to eight weeks, six to four weeks before FC. I'm so goddamn excited! If I have him before Christmas (I hope!) I'll get some themed pictures taken. :D

More later. :)

EDIT: Corrected the usericon for this post. ;)


Aug. 30th, 2005 10:51 am
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Well it's Tuesday and I'm back in work after a much needed three day weekend (thanks to the Bank Holiday)!

The York meet on Saturday rocked, thanks guys!

Guild Wars is keeping me busy on an evening. The reason I dropped Matrix Online was that I wasn't getting as much satisfaction out of it as I was from Guild Wars. Speaking of which I spent some of Saturday night playing Guild Wars with [ profile] ysengrin before it went titsup. I really need to play it more instead of procrastinating.
The rest of Saturday and Sunday night was spent playing HL2:DM with [ profile] dark_fang, which was fantastic! What a beatiful game it is... *happy sigh*

For those who don't already know [ profile] noble_reloaded sent me piccies last night of Boswell's complete head! Piccies are in my previous post and my gallery.

More later as events warrent!
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OK, so [ profile] noble_reloaded just sent me piccies of the head of my new fursuit, Boswell the Gothic Skunk

Pictures are below the cut!
6 Piccies! )

"Thanks Noble, Thoble"

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Aug. 26th, 2005 10:53 am
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TFI Friday (no, not the Chris Evans show)! :D

I spent a good hour of so playing Guild Wars with [ profile] schnee, which was quite fun. I need to play it more often. :)
After the hour or so I started experiencing some major lag which ended up with my disconnection from the game and inhibility to reconnect successfully for the rest of the evening.

I took the oppourtunity to install and play Half Life 2 for a little while. It's a nice surprise to see games automatically set the graphics to high everything and run uber smoothly at those settings. ^.^

I'll give it to Valve, they really know how to set the scene. Source is beautiful and I'm sure will end up being a mod-makers fave for a long time to come, just as the original Half-Life did. :)

Anyway, more later!

P.S. I should have an update on Boswell after this weekend! :D
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Happy birthday [ profile] omega256! Have a great day. :D

In other news I've got the measurements for Boswell now. I just need to send those to [ profile] noble_reloaded and the ball will start rolling! :D
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I'm feeling a lot better today, although I still feel a little queasy.

As you may have seen in my previous post I have a new online character (joining the ranks of Thalyi and Thalifer), Boswell. He was actually born a couple of nights ago to take advantage of [ profile] noble_reloaded's SALE, but since then a whole personality and history has been forming in my head for him. He's going to be such and awesome character to play, especially so IRL when I get him as a fursuit at FC06. :D

That's all for now!


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