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[ profile] damonblackpaw just surprised me when I came home. He was wearing Jenna and was holding a cake for me. And there I was thinking about keeping my birthday this year a secret... oh well. XD

So yeah, at 00:04 (14th Sept) I'll have hit the Quarter Century.
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Damon's plane should be touching down in the UK in less than 30 hours; the excitement is building. :3

Friday is gonna be busy for us, what with us moving in on that day too and also with a trip into Leeds city centre (including a meal at Nandos) for some essentials.

The really interesting (from my perspective) thing is that this will be the first place that I'm actually renting, as I've been living with friends and family prior to this.

As mentioned before we probably wont have Internet access for a couple of weeks due to the usual crappy timescales that broadband connections take in the UK.

In work news we've been moved up in the world, literally. Yes our team has been moved to the third floor instead of the first. Whilst this makes absolutely no difference to the job we do it does mean that we have had a say in how we would like our desks set up. I feel a lot more comfortable here, especially as I have an actual desk as opposed to a carosel.
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In just over three days time [ profile] damonblackpaw will be arriving in the UK. Words cannot express how excited I am. :D

Damon and I are going to be pretty busy on Friday, what with moving into our place and everything. It's gonna be pretty sparse for a few days and we might not have internet access for a few days (two weeks at most) after we move in.

Unfortunately I'm working this weekend, Monday (despite it being a bank holiday) and half of Tuesday. This doesn't leave me any time to help Damon with house work/unpacking so I'll have to leave my share of the work until we get back from EF.

We'll be leaving next Tuesday evening for EF and will be travelling with [ profile] calihusky and [ profile] exiledwolf. We'll probably get to the hotel sometime Wednesday afternoon.


Aug. 14th, 2008 10:53 pm
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I wouldn't normally ask for this, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me collect [ profile] damonblackpaw from Manchester Airport next Friday morning (around 9am)? He'd like to bring a lot of stuff with him (2 action packers, a suit case, and two other bags) to save on shipping charges (as it's cheaper to pay the extra baggage allowance). This would be way too much luggage to take on public transport.

I am more than willing to pay the entire cost of fuel for both the entire journey that you will make that day, including the journey for you from/to your own home. A bottle of your favourite tipple will also be thrown in.

For those of you who can't (and to be honest I don't expect that anyone will be able to help, given that it's Friday morning) I would very much like it someone could give me a round about figure of how much it will cost to get an airport shuttle from Manchester back to Leeds (about 60 miles).

Many thanks.
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As I move into my new place on Thursday, some of Wednesday (payday) will be spent perusing the laminated book of dreams for last minute things, like kitchen gear.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I won't be going out of West Yorkshire this month; money is going to be incredibly tight with the move itself. x_x

Ah well, only a four weeks later and Damon moves here! ^_^


Jul. 20th, 2008 06:29 am
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32 days. :D

That is all.
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In an hour I'll have finished yet another two weeks of work, which means that today is the start of one week of non-work. :)

For this week [ profile] r4nger5 and I have planned to finish off Episode One of R4nger5 TV, do some geeky/techy stuff, and I'm possibly going to do some shopping for when I move out into my new place.

I'd also like to provide some updates to a few things (mostly because working 12hr shifts kinda fries my short-term memory x_x); [ profile] damonblackpaw and I have been talking and we've decided that he's gonna move to the UK on the 21st of August, not the 1st of September as originally planned. This means that we'll both be flying from Manchester Airport to EF. :)

Also, Damon and I have set a day for the registration of our civil union; the 18th October (Saturday). I'll be sending out invitations sooner or later (but definitely before EF). We're both hoping that Damon's parents will be able to come over for it; and my parents (Mum and step-Dad, Dad and step-Mum) will be there too.
All in all it will be a small affair and we're hoping to get registered in the same place where we will have the reception. :)

Finally I'm going to open up the floor here. If you would like to come to the reception (and can make it) on the 18th October then either send me an email or leave a comment here. Please don't tell me on IM as I'll probably forget; emails or comments are best. :)
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Oh man, where does time go?

Generally things are going OK. Working OOH is good. As expected I'm really not in the mood to do anything whilst I'm working, which is only understandable considering the 12hr shifts. The weeks off (one out of every three) are a $DEITY send; I've really been able to crack on with stuff during them.

For example: [ profile] r4nger5 and I have been able to get the pilot episode of R4nger5 TV done and online. We haven't got as much feedback as we had expected but I suppose that's not surprising consider that it is a pilot.


$DEITY'S-SON, I really want to go fursuiting. The last two times I've been fursuiting this year have been the LF meet at the end of March and when [ profile] frost_t_wolf and [ profile] shivonhusky came over. Fursuiting nao plz. XD
Ah well, CF is just around the corner. :)


Skindred has been filling my ears with awesome recently. <3


I am so missing the LondonFurs furmeets. I really wish I could go, but every single LF meet falls on a day when I am working, and with ConFuzzled and EuroFurence taking up my holiday allowance for the rest of the year I can see it being next year when I get to attend an LF meet.

Does anyone know if there's anything planned to happen with furs in London that falls on the weekend before the tri-weekly meets?


I really want to get into running a weekly Pen and Paper RPG once I move into my own place in Leeds, but I'm actually having trouble finding a group to join. I probably just need to find a group of people I can game comfortably with and just invite them over. Or maybe something can be done via Skype... *ponderponder*


OMG Damon's moving soon! *dance* ^_^

And that's it for this post really.
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Wow. Has it really been over a week since I last made an update here?

Lots of blah and Hobbldey-Hoy )

Also bad news with the whole BritFur thing tomorrow; working the night shift means no Lupus Ex Machina.
This will only happen once every three weeks (this was discussed with Axle prior to me starting) and tomorrow is my Friday night in work. Sorry guys, work comes first.

Coming back to [ profile] damonblackpaw and myself, today is our 2nd anniversary. :D

Aaaand that's all I can think to write at this moment. Oh yeah, I showed [ profile] r4nger5 Death To Smoochy last night, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


Mar. 13th, 2008 02:54 pm
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What with the arrival of [ profile] damonblackpaw in the UK next year I've been looking into an alternative living unit. My current flatmate doesn't really want another person in the flat, so I'll be moving out before Damon moves here.

I'd absolutely love to buy a house, but even with my impending pay rise for my Out of Hours job (putting me near £20K a year) I still cannot afford the £80K+ mortgage for a decent house near to where I work.
My only alternatives are renting a house or New Build Homebuy.

Renting is OK but it's often short term (six months) and I'd rather not go through the rigmarawl of dealing with a landlord and reapplying all the time; I'd also like some freedoms that most landlords don't allow.

The New Build Homebuy seems like a better option. I mortgage for a 25% share of the house and pay a reduced rent until I've paid off the property, with the option of increasing my rent if I get more money, or buying more of house in chunks if I get a windfall. I'd get a new, but unfurnished house that I am ultimately in control of; repairs fall down to me but I can do whatever the hell I want with it. And once I reach the end of the rent agreement I will have bought the property outright!

I'm not going to start looking seriously at places until later this year as I want to amass some savings first, but I am going to put out feelers to some Homebuy agents about the costs of the New Build scheme.
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OK, I give up. I'm going to spill the beans and tell all.

Damon and I have been together for almost two years now and our relationship has gone on leaps and bounds. We've spent a lot of time together and we love each other very much.

Today during an email conversation we decided that we want to take it to the next level. [ profile] spunkyrakune; you guessed right.

I really can't see any way for me to move to the states unless the Uniting American Families Act gets into US law, and that may not happen for years, so Damon's going to come move over here.

I still would love to move to the states (various reasons), but right now it's almost impossible and I've exhausted all avenues. The only options left to me are the UAFA or a lottery win. It really pains me that I can't.

Damon's planning to move over here sometime early next year, possibly in January or February, on a fiannce visa. This of course means that Damon and I are going to enter into a civil partnership not long afterwards, probably April or May. This will also mean that I'll be moving out of where I'm living right now into a place for Damon and I, although that won't be until December/January time.

I've already told my parents about this and they're really happy about it. Damon's going to tell his parents at the weekend.

We're both really happy and excited about this. I really cannot wait until the day we're living together, where ever it may be.
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[ profile] damonblackpaw and I are currently in Montana after a two day drive from Boulder Creek, through Nevada, Idaho, and then into northern Montana. We're staying with Damon's parents.

There is snow EVERYWHERE.

Don't berieve1 me? Observe these pictures:

We'll be staying here until Wednesday next week (6th Feb) when we head back to Portland. I should be around Portland for the 7th Feb and then I'll be flying back to the UK on the 8th Feb.

In other news, I want to see Cloverfield badly. :D

1Spelling error is intentional.
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Hey folks!

I'm having a really boss time in Portland. Last night Damon and I went to Ford's and Ground Kontrol with [ profile] bennetfox, [ profile] elric_dewisant, [ profile] caffeinepuppy, and Blaze. It rocked. ^.^

Tomorrow Damon and I are heading down to the bay area of California. If anyone wants to get in contact with me you can drop me an SMS on my cellphone (if you don't have the number, email me). It's not a US phone yet, so I won't be able to reply often. Otherwise you can call Damon's cell. :)
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In five weeks time I'll be in Portland, OR (will have arrived seven hours earlier, at 5pm PST). I'll probably be in bed with [ profile] damonblackpaw too. ^^

I'll be in and round Portland for six days before Damon and I leave for FC on the 23rd Jan (Wednesday). We're gonna be driving down from Portland to FC, hopefully on the I-5 (or Route 101 if I-5 is affected by adverse weather), setting off early in the morning and probably arriving late afternoon/evening.

Just in case you're wondering I'll only be taking one fursuit with me to FC, Graafen. The reason for this will be kinda obvious if you read my journal regularly, but just in case you've missed it I'll be collecting my husky fursuit (Radinov) at FC and it'll be a pain brining three fursuits back to the UK unless I ship one of them.

Speaking of Radinov, the DTD was received by the fursuit maker yesterday so all that remains for me to do is to send the last of the money owed (which happens on Tuesday 18th Dec).

After FC Damon and I are planning to speak sometime with [ profile] dark_fang and [ profile] ysengrin, and then we'll be heading up to see his parents in Montana, then finally back to Portland before I fly home.

I'm actually looking forward to meeting Damon's parents. He's told them a lot about me and they seem pretty cool about our relationship. :)

And I guess that's it for now. Roll on January! :D
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Todays the day that [ profile] damonblackpaw, my mate (boyfriend) moves back to Portland (affectionately known as PDX) from Orlando. He's going to be travelling for about three days with a four day stop-over at his parents place, and should be in Portland on the 25th/26th.

I'm gonna miss you, Fuzzy. I wish you the safest of journeys.
I'll miss you.
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Yeah it's been on year (give or take a few hours) since [ profile] damonblackpaw and I got mated, and I have to say that it's been a wonderful one too. Damon really is the most wonderful person I have ever been mated to; he's such a romantic and sweet little wuffle and I'm proud to call him mine. :)

Happy anniversary, sweetheart. I love you with all of my heart and soul. :)
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My sweet mate Damon,
Fills my life with happiness.
I love you, my wuff.

Yeah it's Valentine's Day today and there are no prizes for guessing where I would rather be right now. Damon really is the best thing in my life right now and I really cannot wait until we are living together. :D

If we were living together right now I would have already been awake for a couple of hours, making breakfast for when he got home from work. :)

Hopefully in the next few years we will be living together and we'll be able to spend Valentine's Day together. :)

I love you, Damon. :)


Feb. 12th, 2007 01:13 pm
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I spent a good deal of time last night talking to [ profile] damoncanine and [ profile] dark_fang about the future. I do want to move to the US as soon as I can, but I don't want to rush into things.

To make sure that I'm happy with how things are there (I'm sure I will be but there's no harm in making sure) I plan to spend three weeks with [ profile] damoncanine and another three weeks with [ profile] dark_fang and [ profile] ysengrin, just to make sure that I can deal with living in the US and that we can live comfortably together. Ideally spending three months there would be better, but I can't take a career break and I don't want to have to give up my job here until I can move to the US properly.

So yeah, I'm happy because things are moving forward. I'm happy because I have a loving and caring pack whom I love and care for also. I'm happy because I have (IMO) the sexiest, most awesomely caring, loving, compassionate, romantic, amazing wuffie mate who fills my heart and soul with joy, whom I love with every ounce of my being. :D

I also feel very lucky and proud to have such awesome friends who have helped me out through my life. You all know who you are and I am so thankful and happy that I can call you my friends. :)

Thank you all. :)
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It took one email from [ profile] damoncanine to bring me out of my funk and make me feel happy again. He wrote just the right words and made me feel loved. I can't wait until we're both living together. :)
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This is my favourite picture (of myself) from FC this year.

Graafen and Scaborous )

In other news my mate [ profile] damoncanine is pretty ill after last night. I've given him a cup of tea and he's trying to sleep the rest of the sickness off.

I'll be heading back to the UK tomorrow. My flight leaves from MCO at 18:15 so we'll probably be leaving here at 15:00. I'll be back in the UK (Manchester airport) at 9:55am GMT.

P.S. [ profile] lusting_lioness, I've got some twinkies for ya.


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