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Sorry for making another LJ post but I've just though of something whilst I was having a fag.

When the UK Smoking Ban (Health Act 2006) kicks in in July there is going to be an increase in litter.

People who choose to smoke will not stop simply because they are banned from smoking indoors (pubs, clubs, indoor smoking areas), they will instead just go outside to smoke. We know this and the government knows this. The number of dropped cigarette ends will increase exponentially as a result.

Part of me thinks that this has been taken into consideration all along as dropping litter in most places carries a fine, where I live it's a £50 spot fine from dropping a cigarette butt.

Of course, if councils were to increase the number of litter bins within cities and place them at appropriate locations (outside of pubs, clubs, etc), then there wouldn't be a problem. However we all know that most councils won't bother.

I'm pretty sure the smoking ban was just a typical knee-jerk reaction anyway, which is becoming typical with this Labour government. Perhaps if everyone (politians and the common people) were a little more objective and stopped trying to force things through quickly then this country would be a better place.

EDIT: Just to make this clear to everyone, this is my own opinion and I'm not going to think any less of you for voicing yours in a comment. :)
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